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Strategies for Academic Portfolio

Strategies for Academic Portfolio

One measure for integrating academic-based activities with achievements in my clinical nursing practice progression is the development of a plan for my academic and nurse practice roles. The plan is essential in ensuring a comprehensive accomplishment of the necessary assignments before the identified deadlines. In this context, there is the capability to eliminate the need to re-evaluate what was not accomplished and make modifications (Ghasemi et al., 2020). An example is the university’s professional development plan that describes goals to be accomplished alongside daily and weekly milestones (Thompson et al., 2020).

Another measure involves the creation of a professional portfolio. Through the developed portfolio, there is the highlighting of the specific pathway that one is required to follow in reaching one’s goals. The portfolio acts as the perceptible impression that strives to integrate the specified academic journey with the nurse professional practice journey (Tan et al., 2022). As a result, there is the enabled prospect of assessing where one expects to be in the future regarding professional achievements, personal growth, and satisfaction. An example is a portfolio that incorporates Academic Goal Attainment with Continuing Personal Development to ensure continued compliance with adherence to academic journey competencies and professional practice as a registered nurse.

The all-inclusive goals can be integrated within Walden University’s accentuation on social change via a description of the underlying skill set extents within professional nursing practice. Another integrated aspect involves continued academic learning to ensure a continuum of improvements in the provision of evidence-based, safe, and quality person-centered care. Another integrated context is highlighting the expected achievements in attaining my advanced degree while also continuing to improve my expertise levels within the clinical practice (Daphney et al., 2020). The integrated elements are based on the developed strong associations through a holistic view that extends the use of effective communication and use of consensus decision-making, critical thinking, and problem-solving.


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In the realm of marketing, a successful branding strategy is one of the most important contributors to organizational success. A solid branding strategy can help add visibility and credibility to a company’s products.

Similarly, nurse-scholars can build a personal brand to add visibility and credibility to their work. You can begin building your brand by developing and maintaining an academic portfolio. Such an activity can help share the results of your efforts and contribute to your success. This Module’s Discussion asks you to consider and share strategies for building your portfolio.

Strategies for Academic Portfolio

Strategies for Academic Portfolio

Note: Unless otherwise noted, initial postings to Discussions are due on or before Day 3, and response postings are due on or before Day 6. You are required to participate in the Discussion on at least three different days (a different day for the main post and each response). It is important to adhere to the weekly time frame to allow others ample time to respond to your posting. In addition, you are expected to respond to questions directed toward your own initial posting in a timely manner.

To Prepare:

Reflect on strategies that you can pursue in developing portfolios or portfolio elements that focus on academic achievements.

Review one or more samples from your own research of resources focused on portfolio development.

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