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Strategic Planning and Implementation

Strategic Planning and Implementation

Strategic Planning and Implementation

Factors Contributing to Loss of Confidence in the Twitter Brand

First, Twitter’s inability to address misinformation and disinformation has fueled user distrust. Open and quick, the platform has fostered the dissemination of fake news, conspiracy theories, and misleading content. Second, Twitter’s failure to regulate hate speech, harassment, and abuse has produced a harsh online atmosphere discouraging healthy interaction. Trolling, cyberbullying, and angry confrontations have deterred users and tarnished the brand’s image.

Third, Twitter’s content filtering and automated decision-making have raised questions about biases and subjectivity. Users want to know how content removals and recommendations are made and whether the platform is impacted by politics or business. Fourth, Data leaks and concerns about user data security have weakened Twitter’s commitment to data privacy. These occurrences have raised worries about data exploitation and the platform’s privacy protections. Five, Content moderation and enforcement policies change frequently, confusing users about what is allowed and what is not. The platform’s inconsistent and unpredictable restrictions have confused users and content providers, making it difficult for them to connect effectively.

Effectiveness of Actions Taken to Improve Consumer Trust

 Although Twitter has taken specific initiatives to increase consumer trust, it may still need to be a whole strategy. Improvements to Content Moderation: Twitter has worked to enhance content moderation by flagging altered material and fact-checking. These actions show a dedication to eradicating false information, but how they will affect user confidence is still being determined.

Policy Updates: Introducing more lucid and consistent policies is a good idea. However, it is difficult to enforce these laws consistently and ensure they are seen as impartial and fair. Initiatives for Transparency: Twitter has taken measures to make its decision-making processes more transparent, including releasing details regarding content removals and the application of policies. Making the platform’s behavior more transparent and responsible aids in restoring trust. Data Privacy Measures: Improving data protection procedures and data privacy awareness is essential. Users must be confident that their data is being managed safely and ethically.

Comparison of Twitter’s Internal Environment with Facebook (Meta)

Twitter’s internal culture emphasizes real-time information sharing and participation. The site allows users to communicate opinions and updates with short posts. Its strength is promoting public conversations on popular topics, making it a hub for diverse viewpoints. Twitter’s limited character restriction favors fast communication. However, Twitter suffers many issues. Misinformation and content moderation are significant difficulties.

Meta (previously Facebook) operates in a larger ecosystem than social networking. It provides many services, including social networking, VR, and AR. Meta’s broad ecology lets it meet user demands and interests, giving it a competitive edge. Strong network effects occur from Meta’s enormous user base across platforms. Meta’s platforms integrate user data, which critics say might lead to monopolistic behavior and privacy issues. Meta has its problems. The corporation has been criticized for data breaches and user data handling.

Probability of Sustainable Competitive Advantage

 The likelihood of Twitter’s strategic decisions creating a durable competitive advantage depends on numerous things. Success in execution comes first. To address misinformation and abuse, constant and effective change is essential. Second, user impression matters. Twitter must be seen as honest in its efforts to enhance the platform.

Moreover, differentiation from competitors is crucial. Twitter must capitalize on its strengths, including real-time chats, while correcting its faults. Finally, adapting to the fast-changing digital landscape is vital. Twitter must adapt fast to changing user needs.

Suggested Business Strategy for Competitive Advantage

 Twitter should invest in cutting-edge AI tools to detect and report misinformation, hate speech, and abusive behavior. Twitter should create a component for policy changes, content deletions, and algorithmic decision-making. Twitter should involve users in policymaking to empower and regain trust. Regular surveys, feedback methods, and focus groups can reveal user preferences and concerns. Restoring user confidence requires data protection improvements.

Twitter should let users change their privacy settings and share their data. Compliance with changing privacy laws shows a commitment to consumer privacy and security. Twitter’s strength is real-time chats, but multimedia material and better engagement capabilities can grow its user base and engagement. Twitter should encourage media literacy and critical thinking.


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Read “Case 12: Twitter, Inc. in 2020” in your Connect textbook.

Strategic Planning and Implementation

Strategic Planning and Implementation

Write a 350- to 700-word response that addresses the following questions:

    • What factors contributed to the loss of confidence in the Twitter brand?
    • Do the current actions present a strategy that would improve consumer trust? Why or why not?
    • Consider Twitter’s competitors. How does Twitter’s internal environment compare to the internal environment of one of its competitors? Based on this analysis, what is the probability that the strategic moves implemented by Twitter would lead to a sustainable competitive advantage? Explain.
    • Based on the information presented in this case study, what business strategy would you suggest to help Twitter achieve a competitive advantage?

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