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Strategic Opportunity Management Report

Strategic Opportunity Management Report

Strategic Opportunity Management Report

Selection Criteria: NAICS Code

Using the NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) website, I searched for a code using the term ‘oncology.’ After searching the terms on the search bar, the website generated multiple codes. I selected the 325411 code, representing the Medicinal and Botanical Manufacturing sector. Within this code, there are multiple players, and most of the leading businesses are based on annual sales. The use of the three steps highlighted organizations that conduct businesses similar to each other. I also did not consider alternative criteria when searching for these organizations except the use of keywords to generate results.

Top Competitors and Company Information

Pfizer Inc

Pfizer Inc.’s purpose is to pursue health-related breakthroughs that should change the lives of patients. Innovation is considered an important aspect of fulfilling the company’s mission. The company can fulfill its mission by utilizing its accessible resources, which enable it to address the needs of its clients. Pfizer Inc. is concerned with the development of drugs. The development of these drugs is led by clinical trials to ensure efficiency and safety because quality is a critical aspect that the company incorporates in its products. Its main product categories include antibiotics, medicinal and botanical manufacturing, pharmaceutical preparation manufacturing, and drugs that act on the cardiovascular system. The product categories entail vaccines, hospitals, oncology, internal medicine, rare diseases, as well as inflammation and immunology. Therefore, Pfizer’s market includes health facilities and patients who are suffering from these various conditions and require medication. Pfizer Inc. employs at least 2500 employees on site while there are a total of 92400 staff members (NAICS Association, 2018). The company’s sales volume during 2022’s first quarter reached $25.7 billion. This revenue reflected operational growth of 82% (Pfizer Inc., 2022). Pfizer Inc.’s compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over five years is 9.0% (Revenue CAGR (5y) for Pfizer Inc., n.d).

Roche Holdings Inc

Roche Holdings Inc. is a pharmaceutical company that was founded in Switzerland. The company has existed for 125 years. It is among the most well-known and largest biotech organizations in the world. Roche Holdings Inc. is committed to providing innovative solutions to various health problems. This commitment ensures that its clients, mostly patients, live better and longer lives. By customizing drugs, Roche Holdings Inc. has gained a competitive advantage in the sector. The company focuses on pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. Thus, it develops diseases for conditions related to hematology, infections, cardiometabolic, inflammatory bowel, oncology, neuroscience, respiratory, ophthalmology, rare conditions, and women’s health issues. The company utilizes clinical trials to determine the efficiency and safety of a new medication. Roche Holdings Inc. achieved CHF 62,801 million. The revenue indicated a 9.3% growth from 2020 (Roche Holdings Inc., 2022). Roche Holdings Inc. employs at least 16,760 individuals, with four on-site (NAICS Association, 2018). Roche Holdings Inc’s five-year CAGR is 4.58% and 9.13% year on year (Seeking Alpha, 2022).

USANA Health Sciences Inc

USANA Health Sciences Inc. has multiple product categories: nutritional, skin care, active nutrition, healthy living, business tools, and USANA gear. The skincare products include serums, exfoliators, sheet masks, toners, sun protection, cleansers, oils, moisturizers, shower gels, hand gloves, hair shampoos, and conditioners. The other products address issues related to weight management, digestive health, heart health, detox, improvement of immunity, bone, and joint health, as well as brain and nerve health. USANA’s products appeal to individuals who seek to lead a healthy life. According to Myron Wentz, USANA’s founder, achieving a healthy life depends on cellular nutrition. Optimal cellular nutrition is critical for maintaining a healthy life over the long term.

The company utilizes scientific research, advanced medical facilities, and nutritional products to address the health needs of its clients. Its core values include excellence, integrity, health, and community (USANA Health Sciences, 2021). USANA’s net sales during 2022’s first quarter were $273 million. The company’s net sales in 2021’s first quarter were $308 million. This difference occurred during the Lunar New Year holiday, which applies to markets within the Asia Pacific region. The COVID-19 pandemic significantly interrupted the company’s business activities in the Asian regions. The massive disruption in the movement of the mass limited the sales that the company recorded (USANA Health Sciences, Inc., 2022).

USANA has at least 422,000 active clients in the Asia Pacific region. The Greeter China region has 255,000 active customers; North Asia has 57,000 active clients; the Southeast Asia Pacific region has 110,000 active customers and 130,000 clients in the American and European regions. Greater China generated most of the revenue during the first quarter of 2022. North Asia region made the least contribution towards the company’s net sales during the first quarter of this year. USANA has 1,911 employees, with 362 on-site. Over the last five years, the company has gained a CAGR of 10.0%. During the five years, USANA Health Sciences Inc. achieved a growth of 11% annually in its earnings per share. Despite the drop in revenue between the first quarter of 2021 and 2022, the EPS growth indicates a positive performance at USANA (Yahoo Finance, 2021).


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Strategic Opportunity Management Report

Strategic Opportunity Management Report

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