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Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing

Consumer Buying Decision-Making Process: The decision-making process consists of five steps: Need Recognition, Information Search, Evaluation of Alternatives, Purchase Decision, and Post-Purchase Behavior. These steps represent the journey a consumer goes through when making a purchase.

Two Most Important Steps for Integrated Marketing Communications: The two most essential steps for developing quality integrated marketing communications are the “Information Search” and “Evaluation of Alternatives.” During the Information Search step, consumers actively seek information about the available products or services, making it crucial for marketers to provide accurate and persuasive content across various channels. The Evaluation of Alternatives step is significant because it is the point where consumers compare different options. Marketers should ensure their products or services stand out through clear differentiation and compelling value propositions.

Seven Trends in Consumer Behavior and Their Impact on Marketing:

  • E-commerce Boom: The rise of online shopping has led marketers to optimize their online presence, enhance website user experience, and implement seamless digital payment
  • Mobile Dominance: With mobile devices central to consumers’ lives, marketers focus on mobile-friendly content, location-based offers, and mobile app experiences.
  • Sustainability Concerns: Consumers’ preference for eco-friendly products has driven marketers to adopt sustainable practices and communicate their commitment to environmental
  • Personalization Demand: Consumers expect personalized experiences, prompting marketers to gather and use data to tailor content, recommendations, and
  • Influence of Social Media: Consumers’ reliance on social media influences purchasing decisions, leading marketers to engage with customers on these platforms and use influencer
  • Health and Wellness Awareness: Marketers address health-conscious consumers with products aligned with wellness trends and transparent
  • Experiential Purchases: Consumers prioritize experiences over possessions, pushing marketers to create memorable brand experiences. Imp. ortance of Evoked Sets, Inept Sets, and Inert Sets: An evoked set refers to the limited brands or products consumers consider when purchasing. It consists of brands the consumer is aware of and has a positive perception. Marketers aim to include their brand in consumers’ evoked sets through effective advertising and positioning.

On the other hand, inept sets are brands or products that consumers are aware of but have negative associations with, leading them to avoid these options. Inert sets are the brands that consumers are indifferent to. These concepts are crucial to the marketing department because they influence whether a consumer will consider, reject, or remain indifferent to a particular brand.

Consumer decision-making involves five steps: Need Recognition, Information Search, Evaluation of Alternatives, Purchase Decision, and Post-Purchase Behavior. The Information Search and Evaluation stages are pivotal for integrated marketing, as consumers actively seek information and compare options. Seven consumer behavior trends include e-commerce growth, mobile prominence, sustainability emphasis, personalization demand, social media influence, health awareness, and experiential preferences. Evoked sets (preferred brands), inept sets (avoided brands), and inert sets (indifferent brands) are crucial for marketers to understand, shaping brand perception and purchase consideration. Aligning with these insights enables effective marketing strategies that resonate with evolving consumer preferences.

In conclusion, understanding the consumer buying decision-making process is fundamental for marketers to craft effective integrated marketing communications strategies. Marketers can guide consumers toward their offerings by focusing on the Information Search and Evaluation of Alternatives stages. Additionally, staying attuned to consumer behavior trends allows marketers to adapt their strategies to changing preferences. Lastly, the concepts of evoked sets, inept sets, and inert sets provide insights into how consumers perceive and select brands, helping marketers tailor their efforts to be part of consumers’ consideration sets while avoiding negative associations. By aligning marketing strategies with these principles, companies can enhance their chances of success in a competitive market.


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Write a 1-2 page Memo answering the following questions:

Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing

  • What are the five steps of the consumer buying decision-making process? Which two steps are the most important in developing quality integrated marketing communications?
  • Identify seven new trends in consumer behavior and discuss how each of the trends influences consumer behavior, as well as the development and execution of marketing communication strategies.
  • What is an evoked set? Why are aroused, inept, and inert locations critical to the marketing department?

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