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Stock Findings

Stock Findings

The company I have chosen for this discussion is Apple Inc. This company designs, manufactures, and markets personal computers, smartphones, wearables, tablets, and accessories across the globe. Apple is one of the fastest-growing companies globally and among the biggest in revenue generation. According to, Apple’s current stock price is $127.79 ( Over the last year, the company’s stock prices have been increasing.

The company’s stock performance statistics show that at precisely the same time last year, Apple’s stock price was $74.13. One year later, the stock price has significantly grown. The low stock price witnessed in the past year was associated with the impact of COVID-19.

Today, Apple’s stock price is at its peak as world economies are opening and the demand and supply for Apple products are on the increase. A company’s stock prices reflect investor’s perception of its ability to earn and grow its profits in the future. This means the high stock prices keep shareholders happy since the company economy is doing well. Higher stock prices correlate with the robust financial health of the company. Investors typically favor companies with higher-priced shares, reflected in the earnings. In such a situation, Apple can pay off its long-term debt, attracting lower interest-rate loans and strengthening its financial health. The rising stock prices reflect Apple’s robust financial health, market performance, and general viability. A steadily rising stock price indicates that the company is moving in the right direction – towards profitability. Apple is currently in this situation. With the promising potential for profitability, Apple is a top target for investors.



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Visit Yahoo Finance. Select a public company not selected by another student in the discussion and look up the company’s stock’s performance over the last year. Discuss which company you chose and its performance.

Stock Findings

Stock Findings

What do you think are the market forces that might have influenced the value of the company’s stock at its peaks and valleys?

What do your findings indicate about your selected company’s financial health?

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