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Sociology of Race

Sociology of Race

Racist stories have undoubtedly changed over time to reflect societal and cultural shifts. The entire report can change and adapt to fit the current circumstances, even though some aspects might remain present. Given the chapter, it is clear that racial narratives have altered and evolved, even though some parts may still exist (Zevallos, 2018). The idea of commonplace racism serves as an illustration to help illustrate this thinking. The chapter shows how Australians with racial and ethnic markers are frequently asked, “Where are you from?” in casual conversations. Although asking this question could pique one’s curiosity, it contains racist undertones and suggests that the individual being questioned is “not from here.”

This question was frequently posed to immigrants or people from racial minority groups, reinforcing that they are outsiders who don’t belong. This story depicts a time when racial discrimination was overt and targeted at particular racial or ethnic groups based on their origins. However, this story also continues now, albeit in a different way. For recent immigrants and generations born and nurtured in a particular nation, “Where are you from?” is still a common question. This reveals an implicit bias that perpetuates the notion that non-White people are outsiders and are not indeed a part of the country or society. The query “Where are you from?” illustrates how a racist narrative from the past has evolved and been adapted to the present (Zimmerman et al., 2022). This story’s development reflects shifting social mores and modern racism’s more subdued manifestations. It also emphasizes the continuance of racial othering, in which people who do not belong to the dominant race are frequently made aware of their differences and regarded as outsiders. It emphasizes the necessity of contesting these stories and promoting a more inclusive and just society.


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Sociology of Race

Sociology of Race

Have racist narratives changed over time, or do they remain the same? Please read the chapter, and provide an example that supports your understanding of the narrative (from “then” until “now”).

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