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Societal Changes

Societal Changes

Society has changed highly, impacting education, teaching methods, and instructor effectiveness. Typically, society is a significant education facilitator; thus, society affects the educational structure (Zembylas et al. 16). However, in most cases, the extent to which society changes impact instruction is normally disregarded. I have had several experiences with societal changes, which will, in a way, impact my effectiveness as an instructor.

Currently, bullying is increasing owing to technological development. This has been a significant change because previously, students merely encountered bullying in school, which was not as intense. Since technology is being incorporated into learning and students begin using technology at a very young age, bullying has increased rapidly. I have been bullied in school and online as well, and this affected me mentally and emotionally. I fell into depression and lost my ability to make and sustain friends.

Consequently, I could not trust people, and my school grades significantly dropped. Even though this was one of the toughest experiences I have ever had, I learned a lot, which will only make me a better teacher. As a result, it will be easy for me to identify learners with bullying experiences. I will encourage students to speak up if they are bullied on any platform and be friends so they can feel free to talk in case of bullying. I will ensure expert counseling to learners who have been forced to prevent them from falling into depression as I did. As such, I believe that my negative experience with bullying will only make me a better instructor because I have the skills to handle the learners who go through the same.

Moreover, socioeconomic status has become vital to society (Liu et al. 2). Typically, learners from well-up homes have access to high-quality education, unlike students from poor homes. Additionally, learners from poor backgrounds tend to have a rough time in school and, in most cases, perform poorly, owing to the harsh conditions at home. For example, if a child does not have food the previous day, it is hard for them to concentrate in school. It is worth noting that I am from a humble background, and as such, I understand all the struggles such kids undergo. This will only make me a better teacher because I can identify the socioeconomic status differences and handle each child accordingly. I will do my best to help kids from poor backgrounds with what they lack.

Even more notable is the point that drugs and alcohol have become the order of the day, which is highly transforming society. This has led to a lot of negative effects, including suicide. People use drugs to deal with stress, which does not help. I have witnessed a friend who underwent a stressful period and turned to alcohol as the solution. Consistently, I was there for him, gave advice, and encouraged him to engage in productive activities like volunteering in the pet store, which he loved. For this reason, this experience will make me a better teacher because I will teach the learners that alcohol is not the solution; rather, they can participate in other productive activities like music or caring for pets and animals.

One of the things I can do to prepare myself to work with learners being bullied is to learn the signs that such learners show. This will help me to identify them easily. Additionally, I will join an anti-bullying program and make sure that there is one in the school to prevent students from bullying each other. Regarding socioeconomic status, I will prepare to handle such learners by creating opportunities for academic development and carrying out further research to gain the skills to educate such students best. Additionally, I will prepare to deal with kids from homes where guardians abuse drugs and alcohol by creating awareness regarding the issue.

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Societal Changes

Societal Changes

InTASC Core Teaching Standard 2: Learning Differences

The purpose of this activity is to encourage you to think about your own experiences with the societal changes described in this chapter. First, think about your own experiences in terms of the following societal elements: family structure, child care, socioeconomic status, alcohol and drugs, bullying, and crime and violence. How have experiences with these various elements influenced your personal development and the kind of education you received?

Summarize your thoughts in a response that describes how your personal experiences with societal changes will influence your effectiveness as a teacher; in your response, discuss several things you can do to prepare yourself to work with students similar to or different from you, such as at-risk students.

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