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Social Work Research

Social Work Research

Social workers identify as professionals who work to ensure the well-being of communities and meet people’s needs by understanding social problems such as racism and examining people’s behavior. Having this duty, social workers have obligations to carry out experiments and research in different ways to get effective solutions to problems. In addition, researchers are open-minded, cautious, and skeptical; hence, they depend on evidence.

Researchers have a responsibility to accept whatever outcome they get from results based on evidence and be honest with the community regardless of whether the results are positive or negative since negative results can lead to solutions. When researchers are aware of these strengths and weaknesses, it helps them give recommendations to the next researchers (Mauldin, 2020). Therefore, researchers should provide negative data research.

The sharing of data research can affect the community and impact those in need in several ways. The community can come together and find a solution to the negative data. For example, suppose research shows that sexually transmitted diseases spread faster among youth due to unprotected sex. In that case, it negatively impacts society, but the solution can be to give free condoms and educate the youth on the same matter. It also impacts services to those in need since they can be terrified or afraid of being caught and might end up doing something they may regret, and the community steps in by offering mental and social support until they become a better version of themselves (Payne, n.d.) by for example helping thieves change, offering guidance lessons to youth and more.

To summarize, researchers should share research data regardless of whether it is negative because it creates opportunities to make the world a better place through the various solutions that people or society can put into practice.


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Do you feel social workers should provide all of their data from a research study, even if it is negative?

Social Work Research

Social Work Research

How could this information change the community or impact services to those in need?

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