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Social Work-Community

Social Work-Community

Community is considered a vague term in sociology, and it is because of this vagueness that different sociologists have given varying definitions of this term. Talcott Parsons defines a community as a collection of people living in one territorial region as their base where they live and operate. Ferdinand Tonnies, on the other hand, defines a community as a natural social group that has members who are united by a sense of belonging. The day-to-day interactions between the members also create that. Society can also be viewed as a collection of people living together and sharing the same interests. From all these ideologies, one common factor is that people must live together in a single region for a community to exist.

There are various types of communities. One type of community is the urban area community. This is a community that contains tertiary activities. This community is densely populated and closely spaced, and the members have a busy lifestyle and demonstrate strong community coherence. Another type of community is the suburban community located at the border of the urban areas. Lastly, the rural establishments form another type of community, which firmly holds to cultural cohesion. In addition, a rural community has the identity that forms the foundation for suburban and urban communities.

The central role of a social worker is to identify communities and individuals with needs and offer them help. They work to help people overcome the challenges of, for instance, divorce and unemployment. Communities are made up of a group of people, and through assisting individuals, social workers help a community as a whole. Moreover, social workers are interested in the community’s welfare, so communities are at the center of the work and interests of social workers. In a nutshell, the social worker is interested in the overall health of a community.


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Define what a community is. Describe the different types of communities. Discuss why the community is often the cornerstone of our work as social workers.

Social Work-Community

Social Work-Community

Please Note: Answers should be written completely in your own words, not copied from the textbook or any other sources. Any question asking for examples must be original examples created by you, not examples from your textbook.

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