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Social Science Theory

Social Science Theory

In society, people apply various theories as they go about their businesses. These theories are often applied knowingly or unknowingly, explaining social behavior and societal interactions. Accordingly, a social science theory is a theory that explains social behavior and interactions in the community (Mauldin, 2020). When conducting social work, it is essential to be familiar with social science theories, which form a basis for social work research.

Social science theories can be used and experienced in society. For instance, today, deviance amongst teenagers and adolescents has been on the rise, illustrated in the form of violence and gangs. One factor contributing to this theory entails violent video games that can be accessed over various devices and from any location. I have experienced this theory by witnessing it in different diverse societies. Various social work research studies can be applied based on social science theories to elaborate on this theory.

Shao & Wang (2019) conducted research using meso-level theories to elaborate on the link between violent games and adolescent violence cases. In their study, they compared students in groups based on gender, residence, and grades in school. Based on the General Deterrence Theory or the General Aggression Model, it was proven that violent video games influenced violence and aggression among adolescents by increasing their frequencies and cases (Shao & Wang, 2019). While reading this article, the theoretical emphasis helped me understand the theory I had witnessed in society and read in the report.

Further, social constructionism illustrates how varying people’s views on a topic are in society (Mauldin, 2020). Consistently, the research on the theory linking violence to video games, in this case, illustrates the truth based on the meso-level ideas study approach. Accordingly, theoretical approaches to social science theories create a basis for conducting social work research.

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Social Science Theory

Social Science Theory

Describe your experiences or use of a social science theory and how the theoretical emphasis helped you. Please provide examples.

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