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Social Relations-Shameful Secrets, TV Movie 1993

Social Relations-Shameful Secrets, TV Movie 1993

For any company to operate successfully, it is vital it recruit the best employees (Hollenbeck et al., 2019). In other terms, it is significant to have the right people doing a particular job to yield the best results. The recruitment process can be challenging, especially in matters regarding acquiring the right people fit for the organization. Consequently, below is a proposal for a new approach toward talent management to increase the probability of attracting, hiring, and maintaining the right pilots for Southwest Airlines.

Sources of Recruitment

Social Media/Networking

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many others form the newer avenues currently used by companies to market and recruit for job vacancies. Since the above platforms are utilized globally, they allow diverse connections between job seekers and organizations. The mean daily social media use by internet users around the globe is approximately 144 minutes (SHRM, 2019). The above means that social media platforms’ amount of traffic can help Southwest Airlines generate thousands of resumes from potential candidates. Notably, the cost of advertising and marketing through social media platforms varies. However, the sites mentioned above have an average cost of between 200 and 250 dollars monthly.

Current Employees

Current employees are a rich source of the right candidates for a certain job. The above is because the employees know of their qualified friends and family members who are the perfect fit for a certain role. Subsequently, Southwest Airlines should offer the current workers an Employee Referral Bonus (Harvey & Turnbull, 2020). The above means that if an employee recommends a candidate to the firm and their referral is recruited, the employee qualifies for a referral bonus. After the referred candidate has worked in the firm for six months, the referring worker will obtain the referral payout. The bonus should vary according to the role that needs filling.

Colleges and Universities

The company should consider recruiting ready-to-graduate students from tertiary institutions. The above suggestion will assist in bringing the best candidates to the company since Southwest Airlines believes in hiring for attitude and training for skills. Furthermore, the above source is a significant opportunity for the students and the organization. The source does not generate any costs for the company because it is a simple recruiting process (SHRM, 2019).

Evaluation of Employee Selection Methods

Southwest Airlines applies various techniques to select the best candidates. First, a candidate fills out an application which is reviewed by a recruiter sourced from outside the company. Candidates who meet the criteria proceed to the second step, where they are expected to portray a positive attitude, work ethic, and ability to work in a team (Harvey & Turnbull, 2020). The above questions are asked during the process of selection. In step two, qualified candidates are interviewed either physically or by phone. The company uses career-motivated and behavioral questions to identify the desired attributes of a candidate.

Recommended Methods for Selecting New Pilots

One recommendation to consider in the selection process would be to include personality assessment tests. These tests will assist in evaluating the utility and reliability of the pilots by measuring their motivation, interpersonal skills, and cognitive skills. Further, new pilots should take job assessment tests. The above helps the firm to evaluate the validity of the pilot’s skills. In addition, the company should consider peer interviews. The above will assist in finding like-minded employees (Hollenbeck et al., 2019).

Common Methods Used to Train and Develop Employees

The company employs the following methods to train and develop its employees: employee pathway and flight training offered in the classroom and on-the-job training and mentorship for new and existing pilots.

Recommended Training Methods

The company should consider team training since it takes a team to guarantee a successful flight. The above training will equip pilots with team development, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. In addition, the firm should offer soft skills training to ensure pilots ensure the comfort and appreciation of the travelers. Further, Southwest Airlines should offer managerial training to its pilots. Pilots serve as the leaders of their planes. Consequently, it is critical for them to comprehend how to motivate and work with their teams (Hollenbeck et al., 2019).

Common Performance Management Systems

Southwest Airlines is widely recognized for not using traditional metrics to measure employee and organizational performance. The organization strives hard to guarantee its employees’ happiness and promote a fun working atmosphere (Fleenor, Taylor, & Chappelow, 2020). Southwest Airlines measures employees’ performance grounded on customer satisfaction. The organization focuses on satisfying both its workers and its customers.

Method for Performance Management of Pilots

Pilots should consider using a 360-degree feedback method. The above gives way for an aggregate volume of feedback from the employees themselves, peers, customers, managers, and the pilot’s direct report (Fleenor, Taylor, & Chappelow, 2020).

Common Methods to Prevent Employee Turnover

Southwest Airlines believes that treating people right ensures they keep working and conducting business with the firm. As a result, the company accords all its stakeholders with the same amount of respect. The company further believes that treating its workers appropriately leads to the creation of happy clients, leading to financial success (Halvorson, 2018).

Approach to Retain Pilots

Research indicates that 45% of employees exit their jobs due to poor salaries (Halvorson, 2018). Therefore, to retain its employees, Southwest Airlines should consider remaining competitive in terms of salaries and benefits for their employees. The above will guarantee employee satisfaction, hence the employees remaining in their jobs at the company.


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To prepare for this discussion, please read Chapter 10: Aggression, Chapter 11: Prosocial Behavior, and Chapter 12: Attraction and Relationships of your textbook and the Love: What It Is, Why Does It Matter, and How Does It Operate? (Links to an external site.) and the Perceptions of Love Across the Lifespan: Differences in Passion, Intimacy, and Commitment (Links to an external site.) articles. Also, review The Lucifer Effect (Links to an external site.) website.

Social Relations-Shameful Secrets, TV Movie 1993

Social Relations-Shameful Secrets, TV Movie 1993

In this discussion, you will consider social interaction, including aggression and prosocial behavior as well as attraction and relationships.

First, select a book, play, television show, movie, etc., that contains adequate social interaction illustrating both a friend or romantic relationship and an example of aggression or prosocial behavior. Provide necessary information such as the general plot and key characters for the class to understand if they are not familiar with the source. Then, complete the following:

Interpret a depicted voluntary (i.e., friend or romantic) relationship from a social psychological perspective. Point out specific examples to illustrate the following:
Which of the various factors in attraction are present in this relationship?
Is the relationship based on friendship or love? If love, what type of love is portrayed?
Examine a scenario from the source you selected that illustrates either aggression or prosocial behavior.
Identify specific course concepts in your analysis, pointing out relevant theory and research. Note that you must utilize at least one relevant scholarly source in addition to your textbook for this portion of the discussion.
Examine research that examines a possible source of aggression (e.g., the media, weapons, alcohol, environmental factors, etc.). Give specific examples.
Explain why this particular variable is/is not harmful. How does this theory/research apply to the scenario you described?
Prosocial Behavior:
Examine research on prosocial behavior, predicting who will help whom, when, and why (e.g., empathy, cultural norms, gender, religiosity, etc.).
Assess whether this information might be useful in reducing aggression/violence. How does this theory/research apply to the scenario you described?
For both of the above (attraction and aggression/prosocial behavior),
Distinguish situational factors that may influence social relations (attraction, aggression, prosocial behavior, etc.).
Discuss the impact of social and cultural differences on social relations (attraction, aggression, prosocial behavior, etc.).
To fully demonstrate content knowledge and critical thinking, in your Social Relations discussion,

Interpret course concepts explicitly, applying them to your personal experiences/observations, and cite the required readings as appropriate.
Be thorough and specific, structuring your work intentionally (with an introductory and concluding sentence or two), providing clear context, and concisely and precisely explaining relevant course concepts.
Use personal examples to illustrate as appropriate, but do be sure to provide an objective analysis too, referencing required materials and using additional sources as needed to support your insight.
Use your own Academic Voice (Links to an external site.) and apply in-text citations appropriately throughout your post.
Review APA: Citing Within Your Paper (Links to an external site.) for more information.
Your original post should be a minimum of 300 words.

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