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Social Media Guide for New Users

Social Media Guide for New Users

Strict adherence to positive social media use guidelines is vital to successful social media usage. Following guidelines ensures one creates consistent and great content. I frequently use various social media platforms for business and personal purposes. One of the social media platforms I use often is Facebook, through which I create content for my business. Apart from posting videos concerning my work, I also use my profile to market my skills by commenting on potential clientele pages. Subsequently, clients interested in my services send me direct messages and let me know about their needs. Besides, I also use Instagram to advertise my skills. Since Instagram is a visual-oriented platform, I post captivating posters to market my skills. In addition to business, I also use the two platforms to connect with family and friends.

Following this, new social media users ought to observe user guidelines that will go a long way to improve their experience on social media. Firstly, it is vital to think thoroughly before posting content. That may involve considering the readers’ reaction and potential repercussions before posting. For instance, sharing political-related content on a business profile may lower the chance of getting new clients. Politics is an emotive subject, and one’s audience may take some opinions personally. Another critical consideration is paying attention to social media privacy settings. No matter how private social media content is, someone else may edit it and share it with other audiences, hence rendering initial privacy settings inconsequential. Therefore, one must be careful about what one posts and be ready to accept the consequences if it reaches more audiences than the initially intended audience.

Rules to Live by in Social Media Use

Respect your audience.

Social media users should avoid using ethnic insults, personal provocation, or engaging in exchanges that may be considered unacceptable (United Nations, 2019). To that end, it is critical to consider other users’ privacy and subjects they may be sensitive to, such as religion, culture, religion, and dietary choices. For instance, even though it is scientifically proven that eating junky food has severe health impacts, it is inconsiderate to constantly discuss the topic as it may offend American communities where such food is accepted.

Monitor comments.

Comments for any social media post should be welcome since they improve the credibility of one’s content. Therefore, it is vital to reply to positive and critical comments (United Nations, 2019). However, one should block users who repeatedly write frivolous and abusive comments.

Pay attention to what you like and share.

Sharing and liking posts from other accounts may look like endorsing such content (United Nations, 2019). Therefore, before a user shares anything, they should ascertain whether they are ready to be associated with the opinion thereof.

Respect other people’s privacy.

It is also vital to respect other people’s privacy, regardless of how close one may think they are to them (United Nations, 2019). For instance, without express permission, one should not post pictures of their family, friends, or colleagues.

Protect personal identity.

While being honest about oneself on social media is highly encouraged, it is important to avoid sharing personal information that may expose one to thieves or other threats (United Nations, 2019). For instance, home addresses, phone numbers, and social security numbers should not be exposed on social media.


Social media platforms offer a space to promote business and digitally connect with family and friends. As mentioned, Facebook and Instagram are some of the best platforms one may use for business promotion since they offer textual and visual features that attract clients. While using these platforms, one needs to be respectful and observe integrity to safeguard their reputation. Also, there is a need to be keen on privacy to avoid exposing oneself to potential cons and thieves.


United Nations. (2019). United Nations Secretariat Guidelines For The Personal Use Of Social Media.


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This activity helps students understand how communication works as a transactional process.


Consider the ways in which you use social media. Most of you have used social media in the past and probably are still using social media.

Social Media Guide for New Users

Social Media Guide for New Users

Write a one-page Social Media Guide for New Users that you would hand off to a new social media user.
You should have a one paragraph opener that discusses or summarizes your social media usage (what platforms do you use, how often do you use them, what do you use them for–purpose, etc.).
Provide at least 5 bulleted “rules to live by” for using social media. These rules should capture some guided principles for how to use social media responsibly. Provide a short paragraph for each rule describing why it is important.
Your concluding paragraph should restate the importance of social media use and why the rules you created are important.

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