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Social Media And Marketing

Social Media And Marketing

Social Media And Marketing

Over the last decade, social media has overtaken traditional marketing strategies, necessitating companies to add social media platforms to their marketing tools. The shift from conventional advertising approaches to modern online-based strategies is also influenced by affordability, simplified connectivity, and the real-time nature of social media (Nadaraja and Yazdanifard, 2013). Aston Martin is a global manufacturer of grand tourers and luxury sports cars. Since 2010, the company has turned to social media as a branding and marketing tool by setting up and using Twitter and Instagram accounts. The firm uses social media to portray itself as a brand driven by consumer needs and conveys its prestige in producing luxury cars through classic images of its products, to which customers respond actively; thus, proving that their social media marketing strategy is an efficient tool for market research and effective brand building.

Aston Martin encourages fans to contribute to their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For instance, on Twitter, they used the hashtags #AstonMartin and #MakeEveryDriveCount to ensure they could view all contributions made by their fans.

Recently, they Tweeted to appreciate contributions from their customers and fans, stating, “Our brilliant fans and customers make Aston Martin what it is. Over the past few weeks, you have been sending us your best car designs and coloring in creations- thank you. We are all in this together” (Aston Martin, 2020a). This synthesizes Aston Martin’s image of being driven by its customers’ needs.

As a branding tool, Aston Martin uses images of its luxury cars to enable customers to identify the brand with the high-end automobile market. They also portray what they do by using images to update their fans on projects that are in progress. In all their social media platforms, they have maintained the brand’s reputation by using extravagant words like iconic design, exceptional performance, state-of-the-art, superbikes, and luxury to describe their products. Their Tweeted celebrating their first luxury SUV: “The first Aston Martin to be built at our new manufacturing facility in St Athan, DBX celebrates our iconic design language in a new form” (Aston Martin, 2020b). Their Facebook and Twitter accounts also describe themselves as a company that makes art, which is quite a flamboyant way to describe an automobile company. Thus, Aston Martin uses social media as a brand-building tool by utilizing specific images and language targeting directly at customers.

Using social media channels as a marketing tool requires a company to create engaging content, research, and understand the audience for successful marketing and communication. Aston Martin has over one million followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. On every Facebook post, they get around eleven thousand positive reactions with about eight thousand comments (Aston Martin, n.d.). They have also successfully conducted online surveys on the best design for some car models. Thus, Aston Martin gains significant support and positive reactions from their fans and followers for their efforts on social media.

Aston Martin also employs a practical approach to using social media as a marketing tool. They always create engaging content, resulting in many Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers. Since they understand their audience, their posts are relevant and effective in branding and marketing. Posting pictures of projects in progress gives them insights into whether the market likes their new designs, which is an efficient form of market research. Thus, the firm’s social media communication is a two-way mechanism that enables Aston Martin to gather significant customer insights.

Aston Martin uses social media to convey their expertise in manufacturing customized luxury automobiles, thus allowing them to build a customer-driven image. Frequent updates on their social media accounts enhance their branding by keeping followers informed. The brand’s vast online following and high user interaction rate proves the targeted audience is engaged. The firm’s social media strategy is effective and serves as an efficient tool for market research.

Thus, the use of social media has positively transformed Aston Martin’s marketing, giving its fans a more in-depth insight into the company’s values.


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Pick a company that uses social media as a marketing and branding tool. Review at least three social media accounts your company of choice uses and assess the following:

Social Media And Marketing

Social Media And Marketing

Based on their social media, how would you describe the company? How is the company trying to portray itself on social media?
Are users interacting with the company on social media? If so, how are they responding?
Do you think the company you are assessing has an effective strategy for using social media as a marketing tool?

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