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Smekens Education Video Comprehension

Smekens Education Video Comprehension

Under the first video, I have chosen to answer Question 1: How is teaching comprehension similar to coaching basketball? Accordingly, when coaching basketball, the coach starts by reviewing the fundamentals of dribbling, passing, and shooting, and then the team is ready to apply these skills within a set of places. Like coaching basketball, reading comprehension starts with students understanding how to use the techniques of reading voice and thinking voice in making inferences (Smekens Education, Teaching Reading Comprehension). Like coaching basketball, students develop their comprehension skills from their teacher by watching how the teacher breaks down the comprehension skills; they practice these skills repeatedly with the coach (teacher) always available to guide them in case of any difficulties. When students learn how the reading and thinking voice work together, they can apply these techniques in a text.

Further, under the second video, I picked Question 4: Why is direct instruction considered a best practice? Notably, direct instruction is considered a best practice because it facilitates the process of learning. While using the direct instruction strategy, teachers can plan tasks that bring together students to work towards achieving a common goal. The process helps teachers give clear instructions, illustrations, and explanations needed for students to succeed in tasks. Direct instruction caters to the needs of all learners because it allows the teacher to assess whether or not students have grasped the material and, therefore, help them develop ways to improve and help students who might be experiencing learning difficulties. Therefore, this is an excellent instructional model because it allows the teacher to state how a skill works and show the students how to apply it in thinking aloud.

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How is teaching comprehension similar to coaching basketball?
What are the fundamentals of comprehension that need to be reviewed and refined?
What is the next step after refining the fundamentals of comprehension?

Smekens Education Video Comprehension

Smekens Education Video Comprehension

What do players do when the coach explains and models each play?
How does the same teaching rhythm apply to reading comprehension?
What are the foundational thinking skills that need to be developed in reading comprehension?

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