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Smart Watch in the Medical Field

Smart Watch in the Medical Field

A topic that I have considered for use as my topic in this program is the use of smartwatches in the medical field. Smart watches are part of wearable devices that people wear for different purposes (Jat & Grønli, 2022). In the medical field, smartwatches are used to make diagnoses, provide treatment, and continuously monitor patients. According to Dastan (2016), smart devices are listed in three categories: wearable textile technologies, wearable consumer technologies, and wearable health technologies. Based on the mentioned categories, smartwatches in the medical field would be listed under wearable health technologies. The study by Jat and Grønli (2022) describes the importance of smartwatches in the medical field and how they have become popular due to an increase in the use of technology. This study expounds on the ways that smartwatches have been important in diagnosing, treating, and monitoring patients, making the technology a brilliant innovation. However, the same study also indicates how doubtful some people have been about the performance of smartwatches in the medical field. Based on these findings, it would be ideal to research smartwatches and their usefulness in the medical field more to either confirm the doubts or write them off.

The research by Dastan (2016) provides information on wearable consumer electronics. These include all smart devices that human beings can wear for a certain purpose. For example, smartwatches can be worn for medical purposes and communication, such as answering phone calls. Smart glasses are also part of wearable consumer electronics that are used for communication, such as emails, SMS, and calls. All these smart devices are used in different areas for various functions. For example, other than in the medical field, wearable consumer electronics are used to enhance social lives through communication (Dastan, 2016). Based on Dastan’s (2016) research, some individuals were also found to use wearable consumer electronics for social status. However, the use of smartwatches in the medical field is a productive area of study.


Dastan, I. (2016). Time-Related Changes in the Purchasing Attitudes and Behaviors of Individuals: A Study on Wearable Technologies. Journal of Business Studies Quarterly7(3), 62-75.

Jat, A. S., & Grønli, T. M. (2022). Smart Watch for Smart Health Monitoring: A Literature Review. Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering, 256-268.


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Smart Watch in the Medical Field

Smart Watch in the Medical Field

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