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Smart Policing Initiatives (SPI) and Fear of Crime

Smart Policing Initiatives (SPI) and Fear of Crime

On the smart policing initiatives, the most important aspect to consider is the level of public security or lack of fear in the general public. Based on this, the ranking of the initiatives takes the following shape based on the initiatives that best guarantee public safety and lack of fear. The first through to the last component that best guarantees this safety is;

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  1. Collaboration and outreach
  2. Research partnerships and performance measurement
  3. Management of organizational change
  4. Better utilization of information systems and intelligence
  5. Strategic targeting

Lack of collaboration and outreach creates a disjointed society becoming the number one source of public fear. When the public is not well informed on matters, and there is no integration, then there is room for public fear to settle in (Coldren et al., 2013).

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Coldren, J. R., Huntoon, A., & Medaris, M. (2013). Introducing Smart Policing: Foundations, Principles, and Practice. Police Quarterly16(3), 275–286.


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Smart Policing Initiatives (SPI) and Fear of Crime

Read the article titled “Smart Policing Initiative”. Next, rank the five (5) key components of Smart Policing in the order of importance (one [1] being the most important; five [5], the least). Provide a rationale for your rating scheme.

Smart Policing Initiatives (SPI) and Fear of Crime

Smart Policing Initiatives (SPI) and Fear of Crime

Use the Internet or Strayer Library to research articles on public’s fear of crime. Next, determine the major contributing factors related to the public’s fear of crime. Select one major contributing factor which you researched or personally experienced and discuss whether or not this week’s readings changed your opinion. Support your response.

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