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Skills for Success – Experience, Talents, and Growth

Skills for Success – Experience, Talents, and Growth

Two Skills I Have Developed through Experience and Two Skills that Are Natural To Me

The two skills I have developed through experience are teamwork and conflict management. I have been part of a team at my workplace and school, which has led to the development of the ability to coexist with people from different backgrounds and exchange ideas to achieve a common goal. According to De Prada et al. (2022), learning institutions present a good opportunity for developing teamwork skills. My involvement in group discussions and group projects in school laid a strong foundation for developing teamwork and conflict management skills. On the other hand, my two natural skills are communication and time management.

Relevance of These Skills in My Career

Teamwork and communication skills are vital in my career as a human resource manager. According to Ibrahim et al. (2022), effective communication is essential in motivating employees and creating a productive workforce. My good communication skills enable me to interact well with employees, leading to high productivity and job satisfaction. Teamwork skills are also essential in the human resource management career because they facilitate the exchange of information and ideas among employees, leading to innovation. Conflict and time management skills also help me perform my role as a human resource manager effectively. Conflict management is vital in maintaining employee collaboration, leading to high productivity (Wairisal, 2022). Time management skills help create reasonable schedules for employees, leading to increased organizational performance.

Additional Skills

I need to develop negotiation and delegation skills to be a successful human resource manager. I need negotiation skills to effectively negotiate work terms, salaries, and benefits with job applicants. According to Hughes & Byrd (2015), negotiation skills are vital in human resource management because they help ensure that employees’ interests are met without compromising the organization’s interests. I also need delegation skills to effectively delegate tasks to employees based on their skills and expertise, leading to high organizational performance.


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Skills for Success - Experience, Talents, and Growth

Skills for Success – Experience, Talents, and Growth

Consider the skills that you have:
Identify two (2) skills you have developed through experience, as well as two (2) skills that are natural to you.
How do you believe that these skills help you in your career?
What additional skills do you need to develop to be successful? Explain your answers.
Reply to two classmates and further the discussion by asking questions or adding commentary. Responses should be at least 3–5 sentences each.


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