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Sex Life of Individuals

Sex Life of Individuals

Some of the most common issues married adults face concerning their sex lives are either physiological or cultural. First, regarding physiological challenges, as humans get older, physiological changes are natural, and they bring about fluctuations in human biology like reduced sexual desire and difficulty achieving arousal (Berk, 2022). Such changes affect the frequency and quality of sex. For cultural challenges, in the sex life of an adult married couple, ageist and sexist social constructs deem people in their forties and above as sexually undesirable (Lodge & Umberson, 2012). Notably, these constructs are mostly placed on women, which significantly affects the sex lives of women as early as in their thirties. Insecurities brought on by these social constructs affect how much married adults desire to have sex. Some can reduce their frequency of sex, while some will go for technological fixes, for example, hormone replacements, to try to embody a youthful sexual ideal.

Further, research has shown that as humans get older, women tend to have less active sex lives than men. As such, age and gender tend to influence sexual behavior and attitudes in women more negatively than in men (Lodge & Umberson, 2012). As such, this means that heterosexual couples and lesbians will have less active sex lives than gay couples. Subsequently, several research articles have shown that race and ethnicity also play a role in the sexual attitudes and behaviors of individuals. Accordingly, from a young age from adolescence, black people reported higher sexual activity compared to Caucasian and Hispanic people (R-Almendarez & Wilson, 2013). Do you need help with your assignment ? Hire our assignment writing services in case your assignment is devastating you.

When it comes to the influence of relationship status on the sex life of a couple, there is conflicting evidence, with some stating that the more committed a couple is, the more their sexual relationship is strong (Birnie-Porter & Hunt, 2015). Others state that the duration of a relationship affects the sexual relationship of a couple, with a decline in satisfaction as time goes by (Schmiedeberg & Schröder, 2016). Dew, Ueckwer, and Willoughby (2020), conducted a study on the effect of religion on the sex life of couples. The results showed that religion and religious duties done by couples positively affected the sex lives of couples.

In conclusion, many elements play a significant role in the sex lives of individuals at all stages of life. However, older adults seem to face more challenges as their bodies begin to age, and they start experiencing all kinds of stigmatization that has been placed on aging bodies.


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One of the developmental tasks in middle adulthood is redefining sex in a marriage or long-term relationship. What are some common issues that married adults might face in relation to the frequency and quality of their sexual relationships?

Sex Life of Individuals

Sex Life of Individuals

Compare the influence of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, relationship status, and Christian Worldview impact sexual attitudes and behavior.

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