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Sentence Segmentation

Best Practices Video Reflection – Sentence Segmentation

A kindergarten teacher engages four students in a sentence segmentation activity. Sentence segmentation involves breaking down sentences into individual words involved in the sentence construction (Foorman et al., 2016). The teacher directs the students in the small group on what they will work on for the class activity. Consequently, she asks the students to  break up the sentences to hear the number of words building up the sentences. The teacher dictates the sentences and then instructs the students to say the words with her. They all count the number of words in the sentence together and then map the words in each sentence using each student’s manipulatives. They then touch the mapped manipulatives and read the sentence. After mapping the first sentence, the teacher instructs the students to take the tiles back and map again to confirm if each student is mapping correctly. The teacher demonstrates the systematic way to map the tiles to the student who does not do so (REL Southeast, 2016).

Consistently, the teacher directs the students on segmenting the sentence based on the instructions she gave at the beginning of the lesson. The students then respond effectively to each instruction given. When the teacher requests them to take back the tiles after completing mapping a sentence, the students follow the instructions effectively. When segmenting the longest sentence, “The man wore a green hat,” the teacher notices that one student has incorrectly numbered the words and instructs the others to reread the text several times in order to count the words accurately. Also, the teacher calls for students’ attentiveness as she says a sentence, where the students pay attention and focus on the teacher’s direction (REL Southeast, 2016).


Foorman, B., Beyler, N., Borradaile, K., Coyne, M., Denton, C. A., Dimino, J., … & Wissel, S. (2016). Foundational Skills to Support Reading for Understanding in Kindergarten through 3rd Grade. Educator’s Practice Guide. NCEE 2016-4008. What Works Clearinghouse.

REL Southeast. (2016 September 19). Video10: Sentence segmentation

YouTube. Retrieved from


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After reading What Works Clearinghouse: Practice Guide for Foundational Skills to Support Reading for Understanding in Kindergarten Through 3rd Grade pages 14-18, watch the following video on Sentence Segmentation.

Sentence Segmentation

Sentence Segmentation

To read the 14-18 pages, you can click this link to the WWC Practice Guide.

Before watching the following video, print and record your notes on the corresponding worksheet that can be printed from the Best Practices Video Reflections page.

Watch the video: to an external site.

(3322) Video 10: Sentence Segmentation – YouTube

Post your responses to the following:

Identify examples of the teacher providing instruction and feedback to support students’ ability to segment words in sentences.

State the instruction observed and then what feedback was given during that teacher’s instruction.

Book: Texts and Resources:
● Honig, B., Diamond, L., & Gutlohn, L. (2018). Teaching Reading Sourcebook (3rd ed.). Oakland, California: CORE.
ISBN: 978-1-63402-235-4.

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