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Self-Concept Reflection

Self-Concept Reflection

According to Marchand et al., communication impacts interpersonal relationships and is influenced by a person’s psychological aspects (2). One psychological aspect that affects how a person communicates is their self-concept or self-perception. For instance, how people view themselves impacts how the person communicates by dictating the energy they put into the communication. The main factors that influence the kind of energy a person puts into communication include the feedback given by others, social norms, accomplishments, family values, and past experiences. These factors also shape a person’s self-esteem, thus influencing their willingness to communicate and discuss specific topics. For example, low self-esteem may create insecurity, making it difficult for someone to interact with others and communicate effectively.

A person’s view of themselves also impacts how they view others by creating social comparisons in people’s interactions. Social comparisons include comparing self and others, thus influencing behavior, experiences, and judgment in people’s interactions with others (Crusius et al. 165). Self-perception may affect how people compare their level of failure or success to their co-workers, friends, family, or strangers, thereby impacting how they view those with a higher or lower level of success or failure. Social comparison also influences communication by influencing people’s attitudes towards others. For instance, a person who views others as more successful may be reluctant to communicate with others because of the fear of feeling intimidated.

The main aspects of my self-concept include being family-oriented, kind-hearted, and funny. These self-perceptions have enabled me to develop an extensive network of people I interact with personally and professionally. For instance, being kind-hearted and funny when interacting with other people, including strangers, has made it easier for me to start and maintain conversations with others, thus making me more approachable. Being friendly and family-oriented has also impacted my choice of words and the subjects I avoid discussing when communicating with people based on whether the interaction is personal or professional.

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Self-Concept Reflection

Self-Concept Reflection

For your discussion post:

At one point, one of the female participants says, “I should be more grateful for my natural beauty. It impacts the choices and the friends that we make, the jobs we apply for, how we treat our children, it impacts everything. It couldn’t be more critical to your happiness.” Explain how we view ourselves and how it impacts the way we communicate and view others.
Describe some aspects of your self-concept. Explain how you feel about these self-perceptions and how they impact your communication.

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