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Selecting a Marketing Strategy

Selecting a Marketing Strategy

Selecting a Marketing Strategy

Part 1: The 4Ps of Marketing

Research the 4Ps of marketing and how it applies to health care.

A strategy is generally formed around one of the 4Ps. As you complete this assignment, consider examples of strategies that can be formulated around each of the 4Ps.

Complete the chart below:

4Ps Description Describe the marketing strategy that applies to this element.
Product The Triage center offers emergency services to individuals involved in accidents, sorting out patients who seek emergency services and referring them to appropriate departments for treatment. Marketing will indicate the nature of services and operations involved. We are designing billboards and placing them in public places for the community to know about the new triage program. We differentiate the services from other emergency services by incorporating follow-up services after treatment.
Price Marketing team to develop transparently and clearly explained charges for the services in the content of the advertisements. Through government subsidies, we focus on reducing the cost of emergency services and accepting cash payments and insurance covers as means of payment for services. The approach will be competitive pricing and value addition by reducing costs and subsidizing the facility to cater for transport services when ferrying patients from the community to the facility.
Place Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, services shall be offered through physical visits; the facility also provides online assistance or first aid guidance to individuals by reaching out using any available communication mediums. The advertisements contain details about accessing our services, like maps and directions to the facility. For the case of those seeking emergency services virtually, give contact details and social media platforms for communication.
Promotion To create awareness and reach out to the community, the facility uses campaigns, billboards, posters, TV advertisements, and flyers to communicate about the triage program (Vechiu & Mosqueda 2021). Develop platforms for interacting with patients and the community about emergency services to understand their needs and perceptions to tailor services for these needs. The facility will create a responsive website and platform for interacting with the community and patients to promote the services. Through the platform, interested persons can inquire about the Triage center and leave reviews or recommendations after an interaction.

Part 2: Selecting a Marketing Strategy for Your Hospital

Developing strategies for the marketing approach will focus on the 4Ps of marketing: price, product, promotion, and place. Within the advertisement content and messages, the marketing team shall clearly state approaches to differentiate the branding of services from others such that the community may prefer visiting the facility for emergency services rather than other facilities. We intend to structure operations based on patients’ needs to enhance brand appreciation. Often, patients complain of long wait times before being attended to within an emergency department. To solve this and promote recognition of our services, the marketing team shall indicate the procedures involved in acquiring the services when advertising.

Organizing and structuring the service delivery process within the emergency department promotes orderliness and reduces unnecessary wastage of time. (Alnajem et al., 2019). The advertisement content will clearly state the charges associated with accessing our services while defining the payment methods. To ensure that our prices add value to the services, the facility will explain subsidiary clauses offered, like free transport for patients to the facility. Pricing is a significant consideration whenever individuals seek assistance from a facility. To ensure our prices are competitive, the marketing team shall explain the associated costs in detail so that the community understands pricing and appreciates the transparency in pricing our services. Research shows that individuals are more inclined to seek assistance from those organizations that are transparent in their operations.

Furthermore, to ensure the facility is accessible, we intend to insert maps and route directions in the advertisement content to help our clients reach the facility. A billboard showing our location within Charlotte, North Carolina, shall help potential customers locate the facility to reach out for services. The marketing team shall also incorporate contact details and other platforms to interact with our professionals within the advertisement content. Promotions of the Triage emergency services will utilize social media, TV advertisements, campaigns, and even billboards to create awareness. The websites and social media platforms shall be interactive, offering review opportunities and recommendations to enhance customer experiences and build a favorable reputation for the Triage program.

Advertisement Campaign

The type of advertisement campaign utilized for the Triage program will be a service launch campaign intending to create awareness about establishing the emergency department in the facility (McVeigh, 2020). The focus is on capturing the community’s attention through advertising and promoting our services. The campaign will inform the community about establishing a Triage center in the facility to facilitate sorting patients according to their need for attention and refer them to appropriate departments. I would propose a campaign that states, “we offer Triage services in our facility to ensure that patients seeking emergency services are attended to in time.” Such a campaign informs the community that the facility has established an emergency department for sorting out patients. Therefore, patients will be attended to according to the severity of their condition. The information here will attract patients to the facility because they prefer tailored services to meet their needs in time.

The advertisement campaign will be based on the selected approaches for marketing the triage program; the facility intends to develop the campaign to address all the 4Ps of service marketing. The campaign structure will include details about the services, like the available professionals to handle emergency cases, time to attend to patients, available resources, and costs associated with the services.

The most preferred medium for the campaign would be TV advertisements due to the high population within Charlotte, North Carolina. The marketing team shall design an aired live campaign on TV informing the audience about the triage center. Billboards are another tool used to advertise the program; the billboards will be designed and placed in public places to inform the general public. The marketing team shall also create a website that contains all the information regarding the program and even offers a platform for interacting. Through the website, individuals can read about our services and even seek virtual assistance in the case of emergency needs, especially for those unable to carry out first aid. In addition, posters can also be placed within the facility and on notice boards within the community to help reach out to the public and create awareness of the existence of the Triage center. Social networking sites like Facebook will also be used to publish and post campaigns informing the public about services, costs, facility location, means of payment accepted, and possible ways to get to the facility.

The communication tools for promoting the campaign shall include TV, social media, billboards, posters, and websites. TV advertisements are paid structured and well-designed programs produced and aired between other programs to reach the general public. TV advertising is based on established broadcasting standards; adhering to such standards ensures appropriate content and can enhance the brand’s reputation. Since TVs are both audio and visual, the campaign can be improved by using popular music, which aligns with the theme of the Triage Center. The context of TV advertisement supports images and movements; therefore, short videos of patients receiving services can accompany the campaign to make it more realistic for viewers (Fahy & Jobber 2019). To explain how sorting works, an example of two patients can be used where one is very ill and requires immediate action, whereas the other is in a better condition. The campaign will then show how attending to the critical case is prioritized over the other to enhance health outcomes for the patient.

Billboards will be designed to show details of services, a simple map for directing individuals to the facility, and even images for illustrations. They shall be laced in public places, especially along major roads, to reach as many people as possible. The use of posters is limited within this campaign context but can also be influential if well-designed to show the most crucial information. The signs are cheaper and easier to create and, therefore, shall be efficient when accompanied by other communication tools. The other medium for communication will be websites and social media, where interaction will be promoted to enhance experiences and facilitate incorporating reviews and recommendations. A positive image will be built whenever patients leave reviews or bid others to use our services.


Vechiu, C., & Mosqueda, A. I. (2021). Health Literacy. In Handbook of Evidence-Based Prevention of Behavioral Disorders in Integrated Care (pp. 439-458). Springer, Cham.

Alnajem, M., Garza-Reyes, J. A., & Antony, J. (2019). Lean readiness within emergency departments: a conceptual framework. Benchmarking: An International Journal.

McVeigh, S. E. (2020). Sepsis management in the emergency department. Nursing Clinics, 55(1), 71-79.

Fahy, J., & Jobber, D. (2019). EBOOK: Foundations of Marketing, 6e. McGraw Hill.


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Selecting a Marketing Strategy

Selecting a Marketing Strategy

Part 1: The 4Ps of Marketing

Research the 4Ps of marketing and how it applies to health care.

A strategy is generally formed around one of the 4Ps. As you complete this assignment, consider examples of strategies that can be formulated around each of the 4Ps.

Complete the chart below:

4Ps Description Describe the marketing strategy that applies to this element.

Part 2: Selecting a Marketing Strategy for Your Hospital

An integrated marketing communication approach provides various modes of communicating messages to the customer. Using only one method limits the organization’s reach. The life cycle of the product or service will also dictate changes in the communication approach. For example, in the fall of the year, a hospital may use the message “Be prepared” when advertising its walk-in flu shot clinic. The hospital may use billboards to reach those who live in the community and put up posters there. The hospital may find the flu especially harmful to young children as the season progresses. The hospital may provide flyers indicating hours of operation and insurance accepted and send these flyers to local schools and daycare centers to be sent home with children. It may also use TV advertisements to reach families. The message may change to indicate how quickly a child can succumb to the flu. As the season progresses and the life cycle begins to approach its end, the hospital may change its message, indicating that it is not too late to be vaccinated and decreasing the advertising frequency.

Review the marketing strategies you identified above. Compare the strategies and determine the best strategy to propose for use in the hospital.

Select a possible marketing strategy your hospital will use to market the new program based on the product, service, or segment being offered.

 Write a minimum of 175-word response to each of the following prompts. Be clear and concise, use complete sentences, and use your own words. Follow standard grammar rules and provide examples where appropriate to support your answers.

  • Explain an advertising campaign you would propose for the hospital based on your selected marketing strategy.
  • Identify possible types of communication that could be used when advertising to your market segmentation.
    • Select specific communication tool(s) to reach your target audience.
  • Explain the communication tools you selected and how they will support the integrated advertising campaign you will develop to reach your target audience.

Cite at least three peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references. Include citations for Part 1 and Part 2 in your references section. For additional information on correctly citing your sources, visit the Reference and Citation Generator in the Center for Writing Excellence.

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