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Security Compliance

Security Compliance

Evaluate the role of security compliance at the local and federal levels.

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The legal concern for companies within industries today is security compliance. It takes place to gain protection from the existing liabilities involved in security breaches. Companies spend a significant amount of money and time on the regulation of compliance efforts. The local level dictates that a company abides by the compliance set up by the local district and county level to meet up with the security levels. It ensures that the systems and operations of the company are fulfilled (Zinatullin, 2016). On the other hand, the federal compliance level demands that the authorities submit to the policy level and ensure that the company’s security is provided in adherence to the national policy. The installation of IT compliance is a practice that involves protecting a company’s digital assets through the security framework that ensures maximum security.

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Zinatullin, L. (2016). The psychology of information security: Resolving conflicts between security compliance and human behavior.


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Security Compliance

Please respond to the following:

Security Compliance

Security Compliance

  • .Evaluate the role of security compliance at the local and fedelevelsevel.
    • .Justify the need for effective compliance. Suggest an example of where it is pertinent to an organization.

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