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Securing Apache and Microsoft IIS Web Servers

Securing Apache and Microsoft IIS Web Servers

Various tools can be adopted to secure the two standard web servers currently in use, Apache and Microsoft IIS. The Apache monitor is the first tool that can be adopted for securing the Apache web servers. This tool monitors the Apache Web Server uptime, traffic, idle workers, CPU load, memory, and the server request per second (Gibson & Igonor, 2020). Outside the Apache environment, the tool offers automatic application and server discovery. The auto-discovery ability is essential because it keeps the network environment updated so the firm can see what transpires. ManageEngine Applications Manager is another tool to secure the Apache web server (Gibson & Igonor, 2020). Organizations can utilize this tool to monitor the response time, CPU utilization, and Bytes transferred per second, together with the request details of the server.

On the other hand, while the Microsoft IIS web server is simple to install and manage, it is accompanied by various security problems. One obvious way of securing this server is by enabling dynamic IP address restrictions. Enabling IP address restrictions helps block any access to the IP addresses that exceed the specified number of requests, preventing cases of denial of service attacks from occurring (Kabulbekov & Ospanova, 2020). Enabling this functionality ensures that the computer can evaluate the IP address requests that emanate from the web server, and filtering is then done to reduce incidences of IP address attacks. Furthermore, logging should also be enabled on the server to give the users better insight into what may have occurred on the website when things go wrong (Kabulbekov & Ospanova, 2020). This is the place that informs the troubleshooting process in the incidence of technical problems. The logs can be monitored periodically to ascertain server performance and provide optimizations if required.


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Two of the most popular web servers are Apache, and Microsoft IIS.

Securing Apache and Microsoft IIS Web Servers

Securing Apache and Microsoft IIS Web Servers

Discuss some of the tools and techniques used to secure these web servers.

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