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Section 5 National Protection and Preparedness

Section 5 National Protection and Preparedness

The National Southwest Border Counter Narcotics (NSWBCN) has ten chapters that offer direction. The first chapter highlights the need for intelligence improvement and sharing of information. The second and third chapters seek to address smuggling prevention efforts that could occur at different Ports of Entry (POE). Chapter 4 seeks to highlight the marine and air resources that are used for interdiction. Chapter 5 highlights the actions that are important for supporting prosecutions and investigations. Chapter 6 addresses the various efforts that can be used to counter the smuggling of bulk cash and money laundering. Chapter 7 strategizes on the ways to address weapon trafficking from the USA to Mexico. Chapter 8 highlights the technological needs that are needed to battle the smuggling of narcotics. Chapter 9 emphasizes the efforts that develop strong and resilient border communities that can resist any crime and encourage healthy lifestyles. The tenth chapter integrates continuous cooperation and partnership with the Mexican Government through the Merida Initiative (Office of National Drug Control Policy, 2016). The strategic objectives are directly related to the chapters. The chapters provide detailed information related to the identified action plans to achieve the various objectives.

NSWBCN strategy intends to use a number of databases that provide intelligence, which is relevant to the activities at the Southwest border or the counternarcotic. These databases include the El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC), Southwest border HIDTAs, and Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) fusion centers. This indicator is important to the first objective, which pertains to the sharing of information and intelligence. The second chapter relies on the seizures that are obtained at all ports of entry in the process of interdicting drugs, weapons, and proceeds gained from illegal activities (Office of National Drug Control Policy, 2016).

Chapter 3 uses the seizures that are obtained from the Southwest border as an indicator. It does not consider the ports of entry seizures. The involvement of air and marine officers is important in interdicting drugs, and proceeds from illegal activities, and interrupting any activities that enable the Southwest Border’s illegal acts. The number of groups that are dismantled or drug trafficking activities that are disrupted during the Southwest border efforts inform the committee on the prosecution and investigation activities. They also facilitate the disruption of finances that are obtained through the Southwest Border and other points of entry as well as illegal acts. The presence of improved technologies enables interdiction and investigation activities. The milestones set in the fiscal year budget are also assessed to determine progress. The development of resilient communities is important in ensuring that healthy lifestyles are maintained along the Southwest Border (Office of National Drug Control Policy, 2016). Cooperation between different governmental agencies is critical for successful operations along the Southwest Border. The integration of information sharing is critical in facilitating cooperation as it pertains to intelligence.

Considering the different activities that are conducted to ensure that the South West Border project is successful, federal grants and congressional appropriations are necessary. Financial resources are scarce, and their lack affects the implementation of projects negatively. Thus, the commitment of various personnel from different security and non-security agencies demands more financial resources. Grants are appropriate in filling the gap that the budgetary allocations leave out. Such supplemental funds alleviate the financial pressures that arise from insufficient resources. A project that lacks financial resources has a higher chance of failing as opposed to one with easy access. The presence of competent personnel needs to be catalyzed through the availability of financial resources to fund the different activities.


Office of National Drug Control Policy. (2016). National Southwest Border Counternarcotics Strategy. Retrieved from


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Section 5: National Protection and Preparedness

This week, you will provide a comprehensive summary of the specific elements of the National Southwest Border Counternarcotics (NSWBCN) Strategy, offering an executive overview of the 10 chapters. In your assignment, identify the relevant supporting ligaments of the policy that directly or indirectly support state-level protection and preparedness.

Section 5 National Protection and Preparedness

Section 5 National Protection and Preparedness

Building on your case study scenario, craft a 2-page memorandum to the governors of the border states that you have determined to have homeland security equities on the Southwest border (SWB). Be sure to include the following:

  • Page 1: You should outline the specific chapters of the NSWBCN Strategy.
  • Page 2: You should explain how their contents and supporting language might support their state-level objectives and serve as potential justification for requesting federal grants or congressional appropriations.

Include useful bibliographic references.

  • 2016 National Southwest Border Counternarcotics Strategy:
    • A key component of the response to threats along the Southwest border, this strategy outlines Federal, State, local, tribal and international roles in reducing the flow of money, narcotics, and weapons across the border.


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