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Scientology vs Raelianism

Scientology vs Raelianism

Scientology provides an exact pathway prime to a total and unquestionable comprehension of one’s verifiable spiritual essence and one’s connection to oneself, family, society, all life forms, the material cosmos, the spiritual totality, and the Supreme Being. Raelianism claims that the Elohim genetically brought about human life. Elohim was erroneously thought of by humans as gods and set out as the ingenuity for most world’s religions that amongst atoms are minor ‘universes.’ Our own ‘universe’ is the main foundation, a building block of a major one (and so on ad infinitum). Rael is believed to be Jesus’s half-brother, and probably there is no God. Scientology focuses on informing the human race, while Raelianism attempts to attain a human conversion. Raelinism’s basic foundations lack credit as they are revelations presumably provided by extraterrestrials. These extraterrestrials seem to make humans wary.

Scientology focuses on the spirit, not the whole body or mind. It holds that man owns more than just being a product of his surroundings or his genetic modifications. Raelianism believes that man is a product of his genetic engineering. It further states that man is a result of Elohim mating with women to create unique persons, such as Jesus, to reveal the alien genetic engineering of the human race. Accordingly, Scientology is made up of a body of knowledge that lengthens from particular fundamental truths. Its main building blocks include humans being immortal beings and human experiences extending way beyond their lifetimes; no man is limited. Subsequently, Scientology believes that man is good. His spiritual redemption basically lies in himself, the personal decisions man makes regarding his surrounding fellows, and his achievement of brotherhood with Mother Nature.

Scientology is not an opinionated religion that asks one to believe and accept anything based on faith alone. The principles of Scientology are genuine and experienced based on their application and observance of the results. The ultimate objective of Scientology is clear and defined information of both spiritual enlightenment and freedom. Raelianism attempts to convert human beings. As opposed to Scientology, In Raelianism, there are no results. Their arguments are built upon such a foundation that seems, ipso facto, shaky, and not well-founded or accurate. Finally, both Scientology and Raelinisim recognize that the human spirit is linked to this universe’s supreme “life force.” It can also be argued that the heart is, in fact, the human mind.


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New Religious Movements

New Religious Movements

New Religious Movements &

Take a look at each of the websites listed above (Scientology & Raelianism). Compare and contrast the two sites, highlighting the various similarities and differences. For example, consider the following questions: What kind of information is presented on each site? Is there an attempt to inform or perhaps encourage conversion? How are the ‘founding figures’ of each movement represented?

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