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Scholars vs. Practitioners

Scholars vs. Practitioners

Practitioner Video

Video: Rules that Investors Must Follow in 2023

Video Link:

In this video, Buffet discusses rules that investors should consider in 2023 when making their investment decisions. Warren Buffer is a renowned investment practitioner. His company, Berkshire Hathaway, owns various notable assets such as Visa, Coca-Cola, and American Express (Finkle, 2023). In the video, a total of seven rules for investors are given out. The video takes a format whereby a video commentator mentions each investment rule, and then a justification clip from Warren Buffet is used to explain the video.

Scholar Video

Video: Are Markets Efficient?

Video Link:

Eugene Fama is renowned for the development of the efficient market hypothesis (Fama & French, 2022). The video highlights a discussion by Fama alongside two other panelists discussing the question of whether markets are efficient indeed. In the video, Fama and other panelists discuss the extent to which markets can be efficient. The format for the video entails exchanging opinions regarding the subject. The panelists agree on some matters and, at the same time, disagree on market aspects based on their opinions.

Comparing and Contrasting the Videos

The two videos identified above have both similarities and differences. Regarding similarities, the two videos are short in that they last for less than an hour. Also, the videos address related topics whereby the first one evaluates the rules to adopt when investing while the second one evaluates the efficiency of investment markets upon which the rules from the first video apply. Regarding differences, the first video has a commentator, while the second one does not. Also, the first video brings together many clips of Warrant Buffet addressing the subject topic, while the second one takes a live session of opinions that are discussed in a single sitting. The differences match those in the practitioner and scholarly articles as they use different styles. The practitioner presents the idea through a description of real market examples while the scholar adopts theories.


Fama, E. F., & French, K. R. (2022). Forecasting house prices and rents. Chicago Booth Research Paper, (20-48).

Finkle, T. A. (2023). Warren Buffett: Investor and entrepreneur. Columbia University Press.


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For your discussion, find two videos: one by a leading practitioner of finance and one by a leading scholar. Examples of prestigious practitioners include legendary investors Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch. Some of top scholars of finance include William Sharpe, the original developer of the CAPM. The late Stephen Ross is the author of some of the readings for this class and is the developer of the concept of the arbitrage pricing theory. Other well-known finance scholars include Myron Scholes, Fisher Black, and Eugene Fama. You can also try to find videos from some of the authors of the articles that you are reviewing for your Case and SLP.

Scholars vs. Practitioners

Scholars vs. Practitioners

Post the link to both the practitioner’s video and the scholar’s video. Include a brief discussion of each video, and compare and contrast the content and style of each video. What do you see as the major differences between the content and style of each video? Is it similar to the differences you found between practitioner and scholarly journal articles?

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