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Your Complete Guide on How to Write a Satirical Essay

satirical essay

Satire essays have been known to give students a hard time. Apart from the expectation of you being humorous, there is a need to know the topic you are talking about in your assignment paper at large. We use satire as a way to show failure. It could be in businesses, peoples’ theories, or even how a society functions. The work of a satire essay is not to break, rather, it is used for improvement purposes. By knowing your weaknesses you can work on changes towards improvement.

What is a satirical essay?

Few professionals embrace the genre of satire essays. It is taken up as a means to uncover and find fault in the failures and vices of others. It brings to light the truth about cultural and political issues within communities.

Sarcasm is the main component of a satire essay. Authors tend to embrace the use of irony or humor to expose shortcomings in situations or ideologies. It is sometimes hard for people to come to terms with the truth or facts about something without their feelings getting hurt. With this satirical essay, the audience will get the message and truth behind it regardless of the comical approach.

Satire essays are known to allow a writer to give their thoughts on the subject matter. You can use this article as a guide o how to write a satirical essay. We will also list some good satirical essay topics you can pick.

Guide on How to Write a Satirical Essay

1.      Pick a suitable topic

When writing a satire topic you will need a suitable topic. If not given by your professor it is only right you select one yourself. You can pick a social or political issue to talk about. Your essay should be exciting to you and should be able to catch the attention of your audience. This essay requires you to select a topic familiar to you. This will make your work easier when you look for facts and evidence to support your claim.

2.      Keep your audience in mind

The essay cannot be useful if it is not serving the purpose of changing the minds of the audience. The audience plays an important role in the essay whether university, high school students, or professionals. You need to learn the occupation, sex, and age of the audience amongst other things like the economic status of the readers. Knowing your audience will help you work on your tone and language so that the message is clear and relayed properly.

3.      Plenty of humor

Humor is the major component of a satire essay. It keeps the paper interesting and arouses the curiosity of your audience to want to learn more about the subject matter. You can also use hyperbole and irony and make your readers laugh at the ridiculous nature of the situation.

4.      Use factual evidence

You have to make sure the information provided is correct. Giving false information will make your argument become baseless and lose value. When you provide facts it is easy to find strong evidence to back it up. Use theories and citations from previous articles written by professionals. The audience needs a source of credibility.

5.      Do not be offensive

Even if you are using sarcasm make sure your words and implications are not going to offend anybody. This modern generation is full of different types of people. Make sure you pass your message to everybody without being offensive to their beliefs or way of life.

Components of a satirical essay

There are five segments in a satirical essay outline.

1.      Introduction

This is the right time to hook your readers. You should use a story, quote, or personal experience just to catch the attention of the reader. Tell the audience what you will be discussing and your opinion or solutions. Explain how the situation changes for the better and how the achievements can help the society or people.

2.     Body

3 parts make up the body

  1. Ethos – ethos portrays the problem at hand. It will expound more on the issue and how it affects the people. You will describe how you feel about the subject matter and where you stand.
  2. Logos – words alone cannot be convincing. You will need to back up your information with sustainable evidence. Prove your point to the audience…cite and use examples together with some experiences. You can use some exaggeration to emphasize the seriousness of the matter.
  3. Pathos – this part tries to bring out the emotional part of the audience. Elevate their passion for the issue and convince them of how change can be for the better of everyone and everything. Use humor also to try to erase any worry they have and try to make them laugh it out.

3.      Conclusion

Restate your thesis and involve your audience. Ask questions or allow them to ask you questions. There is no need for humor unless you want to. Apart from engaging your crowd, propose solutions to the problem at hand. Discuss the best solutions and call them to take action in the matter.

Good satirical essay topics

Choosing a good topic for your essay is very difficult. Below is a short list of topics you can use to write your satire essay.

History satirical essay topics

  1. How has history influenced today’s society?
  2. What could have been done differently to make sure World War II did not happen?
  3. What would the world be like if the slave trade still existed?
  4. The Berlin Wall and its Effect on the World
  5. Characteristics of Alexander the Great that made him become recognized
  6. What do we learn from the Holocaust?
  7. Was Adolf Hitler a great leader?
  8. Name some events that were used to mark history
  9. What role does the royal family play and how has it changed over the years?
  10. Which presidents are recognized as the best and what are their achievements?

Political satirical essay topics

  1. A case study on Brexit
  2. Should politicians have the power to be influential?
  3. Ways to curb illegal immigration and its effects on Countries
  4. Should there be a wall on the border between Mexico and the United States?
  5. What is common between Russia and the United States?
  6. Abortion should be optional. Discuss
  7. Is the freedom to own a gun developing freedom?
  8. Do you think the death penalty as a tradition should be upheld?
  9. Has Obama Care solved healthcare problems for people in the United States?
  10. Do you think the ability to cast a vote should begin at a lower age?

Sports satirical essay topics

  1. Which players can you say have high endurance between rugby and football players?
  2. The world cup tournament is the biggest achievement. Discuss
  3. Who is hosting the Olympics next?
  4. What is the offside rule and is it implemented as I should?
  5. Should companies be allowed to advertise themselves on Jerseys?
  6. Which is the heavyweight championship between boxing and MMA?
  7. Steroids and their advantages and Disadvantages in Sports
  8. What gives athletes the power to become role models?
  9. Is it reasonable for footballers to be paid thousands weekly or should the money go to a better cause?
  10. The popularity of soccer concerning other games in the US

Social satirical essay topics

  1. Implementation of gun control rules
  2. Who is healthier meat eaters or vegans?
  3. Is obesity a growing epidemic?
  4. Is making healthcare free going to help everyone access it?
  5. Does Cyberbullying cause a lot of suicides in this generation?
  6. Has the medicinal side of marijuana been proven and should it be legalized?
  7. Should gender identity be encouraged or should male and female be the only recognized gender?
  8. Effects of Poverty in developed countries as Opposed to third world countries
  9. Animal testing should be banned as it is animal cruelty

Love satirical essay topics

  1. What can prove love exists?
  2. Characteristics of a person who is in love
  3. What leads to awkward moments on the first date?
  4. What to do to ensure the conversation flows on the first date
  5. Moments where pick-up lines work
  6. What makes ‘love is blind a false’ statement?
  7. What does it mean when we say “Everything is fair in love and war?”
  8. Would this world function better if love was not in the equation?
  9. Love and Age a case study
  10. Are loving two people love?

Winding up

The humor in a satirical essay can make you excited. Keep in mind it is not as easy as it seems. We are a reliable service provider for all your academic issues including your personal statement. We understand choosing a topic is a hard job but we will pick the best for you. We make sure all your grades are perfect and the papers we provide are unique. Visit our website for fast solutions. Bring your satire essay to us and we ensure fast delivery.

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