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Sales Model Performance Evaluation- Quantitative and Qualitative Data

Sales Model Performance Evaluation- Quantitative and Qualitative Data

Types of Questions to Ask Employees and Other Managers During Product Performance Analysis, and How These Questions Would Aid in Financial Analysis.

When conducting a product performance analysis, I would ask questions that provide measurable outcomes, i.e. quantitative. For instance, when seeking to ascertain a vehicle’s performance, I would ask questions related to the model’s alternator, spark plugs, transmission, ignition, and lighting. The employees can provide data on the number of cars that present ignition issues, lighting, transmission, etc. The most common problems would inform the research team about the main challenges that clients face while using the specific car model. This information can be used to conclude that a certain system’s performance requires improvement for the model’s overall performance to meet or exceed the clients’ requirements (O’Malley, 2020).

In a different business setting, such as a phone, it is important to ask questions that touch on the complaints that most clients raise and the most common repair issues. Such information would highlight the company’s ability to meet the clients’ demand or otherwise. The information highlights issues that are related to screen sensitivity to touch, quality of images, battery life, storage, among others. The company can use this information to improve the current product’s performance or improve future products.

Effects of the Sales Model on Product, Considerations for the Selling Model in Use When Reviewing How Employees Are Contributing to Sales Performance Goals, and Recommendations to Improve the Sales Model to Improve Product Performance

The performance of employees in contribution to the sales performance goals can be measured quantitatively. For instance, a client who walks in or calls to purchase a certain product and finds it unsatisfactory provides an excellent opportunity for upselling. Subsequently, another customer who purchases a phone but cites the difficulty of picking calls while driving could easily buy headphones and a phone holder if the employee upsells. The records can assess the employees’ performance during such opportunities for each sales staff. To improve sales, it is important to train employees on such opportunities, how to identify them and the action they should take. In addition, providing incentives to upsell is also important in motivating the staff (Christopher, 2020).

Importance of Customer Feedback When Analyzing Product Performance 

Client feedback provides critical information that can be used to improve sales. For instance, if a client complains about the waiting time, this information can be used to ensure that clients wait for shorter periods, which avoids loss of sales. The same approach can be applied to customer service. The ability to recover or avoid loss of sales leads to increased sales.


Christopher, E. (2020). Why Both Quantitative and Qualitative Data Are Vital for Results-Driven Businesses.

O’Malley, P. (2020). Analyze metrics to evaluate product performance.


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In financial analysis, managers must consider a variety of factors that influence product performance. This includes reports, employee feedback, other managers’ input, customer feedback, and competitor information. It is important to not only analyze what the numbers (quantitative data) are showing but to also consider why—answering the question of “why” often requires gathering qualitative data.

Sales Model Performance Evaluation-

Sales Model Performance Evaluation-


Read the article below:

Why Both Quantitative and Qualitative Data Are Vital for Results-Driven Businesses. Christopher, E. (2020, Dec 24) Entrepreneur.

Use course content and additional research to answer the following questions:

What types of questions would you ask employees and other managers as you conduct a product performance analysis?  Provide two examples and explain why answers to these questions would aid in your financial analysis.

Think about how the sales model may affect product performance.  What consideration should you give to the selling model in use (e.g., suggestive selling) when reviewing how employees are contributing to sales performance goals?  What recommendations would you make to improve the sales model in order to improve product performance?

How can customer feedback be useful when analyzing product performance?  Develop an argument for using customer feedback to help make decisions about actions to improve sales.

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