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Ron Clark Academy Curriculum

Ron Clark Academy Curriculum

Inclusion of physical activities

The RCA includes physical activities in its learning program. Students can join basketball, cheerleading, Model United Nations, and the Essentials Step teams. These extra-curricular activities play a critical role in ensuring the physical development of the students. According to the Head Start principles for childhood programs, the classroom setting should support varied forms of development, including the physical (Jalongo and Isenberg 66).

Diversity to create all-rounded citizens

The RCA program provides traveling opportunities for learners. This aspect is intended to create all-rounded individuals who eventually become global citizens. The travel opportunities create new experiences that promote learning in external environments beyond the classroom. The curiosity of learners facilitates the process of learning, especially in external environments. This notion is posited by the Bank Street program, which also emphasizes the role that new worldly experiences play in developing the learners’ self-esteem (Jalongo and Isenberg 62).

Exposure to the external world

Through travel, learners gain exposure to new cultures, practices, ways of living, and concepts. Their interactions during the travel encourage learning and enable the learners to develop their social skills. They also gain an open mind from learning about cultures and people that are different from their own (Ron Clark Academy ).

Provision of appropriate facilities to support the various programs

According to the Reggio Emilia approach, schools should provide aesthetic facilities for learning and development (Jalongo and Isenberg 63). In addition, these facilities should be sufficient and well-equipped. RCA has a 44,000 square feet campus that has 14 classrooms, a 2-story slide, dragon staircase, a gymnasium, media center, and a dance studio. These facilities support learning and extra-curricular activities in the institution.

The existence of platforms that integrate creativity

RCA offers a house program to learners, which grants the opportunity to be creative and interactive. In addition, the teaching practices encourage creativity among students. The Reggio Emilia approach advocates for the promotion of the different ways that children can express themselves. These include drama, music, and writing, among others. Therefore, it is important to encourage such practices among learners (Jalongo and Isenberg 63).

Supports social interactions among students and staff members

The students at RCA are encouraged to interact with the staff members and fellow learners socially and academically. The extra-curricular activities provide ideal social platforms. In addition, the house system promotes the development of character through interactions with others (Ron Clark Academy ).

Use of engaging teaching practices

RCA teachers utilize different teaching practices that engage learners. Such engagement is highly recommended due to its hands-on approach. Teachers are fully engaged in the process of facilitating active learning. This approach agrees with the High Scope model of creating curriculums (Jalongo and Isenberg 65). The Reggio Emilia approach also supports this curriculum aspect through the recommendation for good questions that encourage thought process leading to intellectual excellence (Jalongo and Isenberg 63).

Student diversity makes a rich population.

The institution admits students from different backgrounds. This creates a diverse student population and enriches the learning process. Such diversity also promotes the perspectives of students as they encounter other different learners within the school environment (Ron Clark Academy ).

Development of intellectual abilities in students

The creation of a curriculum that promotes the students’ intellectual abilities involves more than one approach. It includes the arts, physical activities, incorporates external environment aspects, ensures diversity, engages teachers and students fully, and utilizes engaging teaching practices. RCA fulfills all these aspects and more that are recommended by various curriculum development approaches.

. Collaboration of all stakeholders

The RCA curriculum program provides an opportunity for contribution from the various stakeholders, including parents, teachers, and students. All these stakeholders work together to create safe learning environments. The facility’s motto ‘No Fear’ promotes self-confidence and encourages free and respectful expression among students (Ron Clark Academy ).

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Ron Clark Academy Curriculum

Ron Clark Academy Curriculum

Beginning on page 52, your textbook discusses the Indicators of High-Quality Early Childhood Programs. An extensive body of research documents that high-quality programs have enduring, positive consequences for young children and that they are well worth the money invested. 8 attributes of high-quality early childhood programs are discussed in Chapter 3:

Articulated Philosophy and Goals
Curriculum that Meets the Standards
Appropriate Organization and Structure
Emphasis on Concept Development
Intentional Teaching
Positive Interpersonal Relationships
Differentiation to Accommodate to Individual Needs
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Subject-Matter Teaching

To extend what has been taught in Chapter 3, please visit to explore an amazing, high-energy, high-quality early learning program; you can tell from the screenshot below that children are engaged and active and learning in a supportive, fun environment.

Ron Clark Academy homepage screenshot

Explore the Ron Clark Academy web page and take a look at all of the amazing things that they have going on to help children learn. After you have explored the academy web page, you will need to list 10 things that you learned; be sure to number your 10 ideas/thoughts and to write in complete sentences, describing each of the 10 ideas /thoughts that you found interesting in at least 5-7 sentences. Your responses should be created in Microsoft Word using Times New Roman 12-point font; do not forget to include your name at the top of your submission. Please submit your work as an attachment.

This is the book’s name! Jalongo, M. R. & Isenberg, J. P. (2012). Exploring Your Role in Early Childhood Education. 4th Edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Merrill Prentice Hall Publishing. ISBN: 978-0-13-2310475.

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