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Role in Conflict Management

Role in Conflict Management

During the night shift, two nurses were on duty in the NICU ward. The two took turns in ensuring that all the preterm babies were fine and fed. However, an emergency admission came up following an accident on the highway near the facility. The supervisor withdrew one of the nurses from the NICU to help with the admission of the casualties. The other nurse was not informed and thought that the babies were alright. When she resumed her nap, she found the unit unmanned and the babies in distress due to cries from some of them. The nurse was upset and did the best she could to ensure the babies were calm. However, she approached the department’s head to report the issue without first reaching out to her colleague.

First, I would meet both nurses physically to discuss the issue (University of California, 2021). The meeting would occur before the next day’s shift. I would ask both individuals to narrate their accounts, noting them down carefully while highlighting the main details. I would also use questions to obtain additional information from the nurses. I would involve the department’s head after having a physical meeting with both individuals and finding a resolution. To ensure that the conflict is resolved, I would have each nurse highlight the mistake or action that could have led to the conflict. I would also ask them to identify actions that they should have taken to ensure the conflict does not progress to the current stage. I would highlight the importance of communication with colleagues prior to escalating issues to higher managerial levels (American Management Association, 2021). Had the two nurses spoken to each other during the shift, they would have understood the current circumstances.


American Management Association. (2021). The Five Steps to Conflict Resolution. Retrieved from

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Role in Conflict Management

As a nurse leader or manager, you are responsible for conflict management.

First Post

Describe how you would handle a conflict between two nurses on the unit. Include how you would meet with each nurse and how you will document the situation. Is there anyone else you would ask for assistance and how you would identify if the conflict has been resolved or you need to escalate to your supervisor?

Role in Conflict Management

Role in Conflict Management

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