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Responsibilities of the Prison Warden and Other Prison Administrators

Responsibilities of the Prison Warden and Other Prison Administrators

A prison warden is a prison personnel who oversees all the prison activities to ensure the smooth running of the institution. The warden also ensures the safety and security of all inmates as well as prison staff (Peak & Giacomazzi, 2016). Notably, the prison warden’s responsibility is to administer departmental policies and practices. Furthermore, the director’s responsibilities include promulgating and overseeing departmental policies and procedures. Consequently, departmental policies and practices are essential since they enable the director to ensure that the prison operates constitutionally and remains within the budget it is given by the legislature (Peak & Giacomazzi, 2016). Notably, the director is responsible for developing departmental budgets and implementation. They are also required to give testimonies in cases of legislative sessions and present to the Board of Prison Commissioner or testify in state or federal courts.

Moreover, the director must uphold effective communication strategies to ensure communication between the Governor and the department flows effectively and efficiently. Further, the human resource department reports to the director (Peak & Giacomazzi, 2016). The responsibility of the human resource department is to oversee staffing, hiring, and training. The inspector general also reports directly to the director. Their responsibilities include ensuring proper and timely staff and inmate investigations (Peak & Giacomazzi, 2016).

There are two basic principles in prison administration, according to John Dilulio. The first principle states that an inmate should not suffer pain regardless of the reasons for incarceration. Therefore inmates should not be punished because imprisoning them is already punishment. Finally, the second principle surrounds treating inmates humanely. As such, even offenders who have committed the most heinous crimes are to be respected and treated humanely, with respect and dignity (Peak & Giacomazzi, 2016).


Peak, K., & Giacomazzi, A. (2016). Justice Administration Police, Courts, and Corrections Management (8th ed.). Pearson Education, Inc.


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Responsibilities of the Prison Warden

Responsibilities of the Prison Warden

Describe the different responsibilities of the warden and other prison administrators. Analyze the major principles of successful prison administration according to Dilulio.

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