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Response-The Role of Policy in Social Welfare

Response-The Role of Policy in Social Welfare 

Hello Andrew Roybal,

Thank you for your post. I agree that social justice protects people’s rights from infringement, particularly when trying to access resources that policy has determined they are eligible for. According to Mollenkamp (2022), social justice is supported by various principles, including equity, access, participation, diversity, and human rights. Equity promotes equal access to opportunities to succeed and prevents systemic discrimination and injustices. Access promotes equal access to public goods and resources. Consistently, participation gives everyone in the community a voice in decision-making. For instance, in societies where social justice is applied, communities are consulted before important decisions that affect them are made. Community members may also be part of the decision-making committee to ensure that the interests and needs of community members are met. On the other hand, diversity promotes the representation of people from all backgrounds in community affairs and public institutions. Subsequently, human rights is the most important principle because it prevents the infringement of people’s rights by authority figures, including police officers.


Mollenkamp, D. T. (2022). Social Justice Meaning and main principles explained. Investopedia.

Response 2

Hello Milissa Sipe

This is a great post. I agree that policy advocacy helps people confront certain challenges that they may have and create a channel to solve them. According to the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work, policy advocacy helps promote human dignity, social justice, and equality in social work. It also gives marginalized groups a voice, thus ensuring that they are not forgotten. Advocacy is also vital in addressing poor economic status, health issues, and lack of education. For example, communities may push for policy reforms or changes to create equal opportunity for everyone to access healthcare and education services. Communities can also push for a change in policies that infringe on their rights, such as policies that support police brutality. However, successful policy reforms require collaboration among community members and social workers to ensure that the authority figures in charge of policy implementation and reforms hear the voices of the community members.


Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work. (2023, January 31). The importance of advocacy in Social Work. VCU School of Social Work Online Master of Social Work Program Format.,marginalized%20communities%20aren’t%20forgotten.


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Pls, respond to these two discussions on one page. Thank You
Discussion 1: Andrew Roybal:

Policy Definition: Policy is, for lack of a better word, “the toolbox,” for social workers. It contains the guiding principles and procedures that help navigate the rules and legislation to effect positive change in human welfare. The guiding principles within social welfare policy ensure that we can effect positive change across the multicultural environments we live in, without incurring any more stress or pain on our clients.

Response-The Role of Policy in Social Welfare

Response-The Role of Policy in Social Welfare

Why are we concerned with social justice and policy advocacy: We are concerned with social justice, so we do not repeat the past. Social Justice ensures that no person’s civil rights are infringed upon while trying to gain access to resources that policy has determined they are eligible for.

We are concerned with policy advocacy to ensure that no policy hurts or neglects anyone. We are the ones doing battle to ensure that the poor and marginalized peoples voices are heard.

How do we promote the use of Social Justice through Policy: Social justice helps to advocate change where change is needed. It highlights shortcomings to help areas where all people do not have equal access to resources. Then, we create the policy needed to fill the gap and legally ensure that access to resources is enforced.

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