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Response – Policing and Problem Solving

Response – Policing and Problem Solving

The crime rates recorded in different neighborhoods in the United States vary with some areas recording higher criminal activities than others. One of the most crime-ridden neighborhoods in the U.S. is Texas in Dallas City. The total violent crime measure is 694.2 which is the highest in the country according to “Crime in the United States” (2019).  To bring order to this region, the crime triangle would suffice. This model assumes that crime occurs when likely offenders meet suitable targets in a conducive time and space. Therefore, to improve the crime situation in the region, the targets would have to be made safer by asking people to walk in groups and also lighting places at night to eliminate the conducive environment for crime through time and space. From the e-activity, two crime models that would also work are Alley-Gating as used in Liverpool where hardwearing lockable gates are used to prevent entry by likely offenders. Further, another strategy that would work is biting back as used in Huddersfield whereby the victims of violent crimes would be trained to fight back if accosted (LaFree, 2018).

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Crime in the United States. (2019). Retrieved from

LaFree, G. (2018). Losing legitimacy: Street crime and the decline of social institutions in America. Routledge.


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Please respond to the following:

Identify a particularly crime-ridden neighborhood, beat, or area of your jurisdiction using media reports or local crime data from your local police agency website. Then explain your approach to bring order to that area using the techniques described in this chapter, such as the problem-analysis triangle and SARA. Then identify the two community crime prevention programs you researched from the first e-Activity and discuss how you could use any of the strategies from these to help this identified area of your jurisdiction. If you do not believe you could use any of the strategies, explain why.

Policing and Problem Solving

Policing and Problem Solving

Go to the Crime website “Community Crime Prevention Strategies” section, located at, and choose and review two (2) of the community crime prevention programs profiled in this section. Be prepared to discuss.
Use the Internet or the Strayer Library ( to research articles on the origins of criminalistics and take notes on the contributions of Bertillon, Locard, and Vollmer. Be prepared to discuss.

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