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Response – Civil Liability

Response – Civil Liability

The country is moving closer to becoming a police state and that can be a result of the National Defense Authorization Act that was approved by the Senate in 2012 that gave the military the power to detain without trial any United States citizen who supports terrorism, being a terrorist, or who plans to attack America.

From the onset, it is clear that the United States Constitution is under threat. The recent trend seems to indicate that the political class is willing to bypass the law to get to suspected terrorists even if they are American citizens. With the Obama administration defending its position for executing an American citizen without due process setting precedent, it is becoming imminently clear that the U.S. is moving closer to becoming a police state. Do you need urgent assignment help ? Get in touch with us at

In an article by Cassisi (2016), the case of Trayvon Martin a young boy of seventeen years killed by the police and whose death prompted the Black Lives Matter movement, the policing in the U.S. has come under scrutiny. Such incidences have increased in frequency since then alarming activists about the danger posed by the existence of a police force that seems legally reproachable. Such incidents documented by Cassisi (2016) show how the police force has broken the public trust in them with increased lawsuits against the police.


Cassisi, A. (2016). Justice for All? An analysis of police brutality in the United States, England & Canada. Honors Essay in Global Studies1, 1-49.


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Please respond to the following:

From the e-Activity, explain whether you believe that America is moving closer to becoming a police state. Discuss the incidence, expense, and benefits of lawsuits against the police and whether they can prevent our nation from moving toward a police state.
Summarize the current event you chose under the second e-Activity. Why do you believe this is a case in which someone could file a case under Section 1983? Provide specifics to justify your response.

Response - Civil Liability

Response – Civil Liability

Read the article, “Are we becoming a police state? Five things that have civil liberties advocates nervous,” located at Be prepared to discuss.
Use the Internet or the Strayer Library ( to research current events and identify one current event that you believe is an example of a police department failing the public trust and would be covered under Section 1983. Be prepared to discuss.

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