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Relationship Paper – Relationship Building

Relationship Paper – Relationship Building

I am lucky to have a good relationship with my brother. Being in the company of my brother is one of my favorite feelings ever. As a lady, I always look up to my brother for protection, and he has never failed in that role. On the other hand, since childhood, my brother always sought my help in organizing his room, something I did proudly. We started separating from each other when we started going to different schools, but our relationship remains solid.

My brother is younger than me, but I admire his emotional intelligence. When I am unwell, he is quick to notice, even without me having to tell him. What follows is a week of intense love and care. He offers to pick up essential items from the store on my behalf and helps me with chores around the house. He even defends me when I am arguing with my parents if he feels that I am right. In addition, his incredible love and support not only boost my confidence but also provide the strength and determination I need to pursue my dreams with unwavering conviction, knowing that he has my back every step of the way. My brother is one of my steadfast cheerleaders who reminds me of my strengths and the incredible potential I hold. He understands my passions and aspirations and takes the time to listen to me with genuine interest. These are just a few reasons that make me feel loved by my brother, and even though we sometimes have our ups and downs, I strongly feel we share a special bond.

I chose to discuss the relationship with my brother because it offers an insight into how diverse people still relate closely. Even though we are siblings and live together, several factors make us different. First, my brother and I belong to different age brackets, yet we relate closely. Also, we may share some personality characteristics, but we are primarily different. Even with such differences, we still manage to stay together harmoniously. The role of communication in maintaining a relationship is more pronounced in a sibling relationship.


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Relationship Paper - Relationship Building

Relationship Paper – Relationship Building

For this assignment, you will only be completing the introductory paragraphs of your paper.
In the introduction paragraph(s) of your essay:
Identify and describe the relationship you will be focusing on for this paper. This relationship should be dyadic (between you and one other person). ( I have chosen the relationship between me and my brother)
Provide some background details about the relationship to help the reader understand the relationship.
Explain why you chose to focus your paper on this relationship.
Details: This introduction should be 2 – 3 paragraphs in length and describe the three items noted above. This will give me the opportunity to provide feedback on your topic (i.e., the relationship you have chosen).

The paragraphs must reflect college-level writing. Therefore, paragraphs must be focused on relevant supporting details that are specific and provide clarity and depth to the audience. There should be minimal grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.
The paragraph(s) must be at least 4 – 5 sentences each (double-spaced in Times New Roman font). Please complete the essay in Word-compatible format (.doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf). If you are using (Mac) Intosh products, please export your essay as a Word or PDF document.

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