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Relationship Between Theory and Practice

Relationship Between Theory and Practice

In week 7, I learned how nurses apply nursing theories to support evidence-based practices. Nursing theories define nursing by providing a framework in which nursing knowledge can be used to enhance patient experiences and improve their outcomes. I explored how the transpersonal caring theory coined by Jean Watson can be used in professional nursing care. This theory posits that nurses who practice the art of caring for their patients do so compassionately to ease the suffering of their patients and their patient’s families (Gunawan et al., 2022). The transpersonal caring theory highlights modern nursing care for special groups of patients. Patients with chronic disorders requiring high acuity care find considerable benefits from compassionate nursing care. The nursing role in this regard is important as it eases their suffering, enhances their clinical outcomes, and improves their individual patient experiences.

Concepts adopted from the previous week’s learning can equip me with the knowledge required for chronic care. Concepts learned from the transpersonal caring theory can help nurses tailor care approaches to meet the needs of the patients. These concepts can also enable them to devise better healthcare plans to promote the physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being of their patients by ensuring that they provide all-round care. I am confident that these concepts will define my nursing practice and help me treat my patients compassionately and in a manner that enhances their individual experiences. My understanding of these concepts is elaborate and can enable me to not only provide quality care but also come up with care plans that promote the health and wellness of my patients and restore their health. I, however, still feel unprepared for chronic care handling for the elderly. This group presents with complex care needs, and managing them may sometimes present some healthcare challenges.


Gunawan, J., Aungsuroch, Y., Watson, J., & Marzilli, C. (2022). Nursing Administration: Watson’s Theory of Human Caring. Nursing Science Quarterly35(2), 235-243.


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Write 1-2 paragraphs reflecting on the relationship between theory and practice. Then, save the reflection as a Word Document for submission later in the course. In week 8, you will submit all reflections as a single document. Please submit your reflection document in the Week 1: Reflection on Learning Submission drop box in addition to posting in the forum.

Relationship Between Theory and Practice

Relationship Between Theory and Practice

This reflection is worth 5 points, and the final reflection document in week 8 is worth 15 points.

You will need to post your reflection here before you are able to see other students’ posts.

What were the most important concepts you learned in week 7? Why are these concepts important?

How will they prepare you for your future role as an NP? In what ways do you feel prepared for your new role? In what ways do you feel unprepared?

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