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Regeneration of Walt Disney’s Human resources

Regeneration of Walt Disney’s Human resources

Following a thorough internal survey, the human resources at Walt Disney deserve a better work environment to improve their output.

Project Objectives

Examine the employees’ concerns with the current working environment

Operational Step Responsible Person Timeline
Review the entity’s opportunities in human resource management Timmy (Head of Human Resources) 3/21 -2 weeks
Identify the weaknesses and threats in HRM Joe (Assistant Human Resource Manager) 4/4 -2 weeks
Identify the hazards that affect HRM Timmy 4/18 -1 week
Explore strategies for turning weaknesses and threats into strengths and utilize opportunities Timmy/Joe 4/11-1 week

Compute the financial cost of various HRM reforms

Operational Step Responsible Person Timeline
Establish the cost of exploring opportunities Timmy/Joe 3/21 -1 week
Identify the economic cost of the current weaknesses Timmy/Joe 3/28 -1 week
Examine the cost of resolving the threats Timmy/Joe 4/18 -1 week
Identify the cost savings that are associated with the reforms Timmy/Joe 4/21 -1 week

 Identify five main reforms that employees would like in the immediate future

Operational Step Responsible Person Timeline
Conduct an internal survey to identify the most desired reforms Timmy/Joe 4/28 -3 days
Assess the reasons for each reform Timmy/Joe 5/1 -2 days
Conduct a cost-benefit analysis for each reform Timmy/Joe 5/3 -1 week
Identify those that can be implemented quickly and affordably Timmy/Joe 5/10 -1 week


Walt Disney’s performance is dependent on the workforce. The human resources facilitates all the activities that Walt Disney performs on its behalf. Walt Disney’s management advocates for similar treatment of employees and clients. The company conducts various activities that are geared toward recognizing and celebrating employees. Specific principles guide Disney’s HRM.

Everybody is Important

Every staff member at Walt Disney is regarded as necessary. Thus, the company advocates for civility within the entity through RAVE (Respect, Appreciate, and Value Everyone) (Morris, 2021). All associates are encouraged to greet each other, reach out to colleagues, and be accessible.

Break the Mold

To break the mold, Walt Disney constantly changes its structure for improvement purposes. This enables the management to create new opportunities that staff members can explore for career growth and development (Morris, 2021).

Create a Brand Through Your People

The utilization of the workforce as an added advantage is acceptable in most entities. Other companies cannot imitate the workforce’s uniqueness. Therefore, companies such as Walt Disney that realize the value in this aspect benefit significantly (Morris, 2021).

Eliminate the Hassles

Leaders are expected to identify the problems within the work environment and solve them. The approach should improve the employees’ working process and experience (Morris, 2021).

Use Training to Create Magic

Training is essential in improving the employees’ skills and knowledge. The ability to instill more skills and expertise empowers employees and creates confidence in their abilities. Therefore, it is a crucial step for Walt Disney because it also makes learning continuity (Morris, 2021).

Ensure You Learn the Truth

Walt Disney’s leaders are responsible for learning as much as they can. This knowledge enables them to facilitate the training process better as they also share their knowledge with staff members (Morris, 2021).

Regardless of these positive aspects, the risk of turnover among employees exists in every organization. Every entity is determined to ensure its staff members are happy because they treat clients in ways that generate happiness and satisfaction. As observed, Walt Disney is committed to ensuring constant structural improvements take place. Furthermore, the company’s desire to create a brand through its workforce validates the selected goals and objectives.

Examine the employees’ concerns with the current working environment.

Every work environment requires constant reviews to ensure the conditions facilitate goal achievement. Employees need to be comfortable in the workplace. Their settings should enable positive behaviors and support learning, teamwork, and civility, among other positive elements (Noe, Hollenbeck, & Gerhart, 2018). Therefore, the decision to conduct a SWOT analysis of the HR department is critical in identifying any weaknesses, threats, and opportunities that have not been explored. The exercise, which the human resource managers will conduct, is expected to end in the identification process that leads to solutions that are related to the utilization of opportunities and conversion of weaknesses into strengths while working around the threats.

Compute the financial cost of various HRM reforms.

Each HR decision has its costs and benefits. Assessing each reform is essential because it reveals the expenses that an organization will incur and the benefits that the employees will reap. These benefits are accessible not only to employees but to the organization as well, which is an advantage whenever the workforce is happy, contented, motivated, empowered, and has high morale. The immediate reforms are present in the unexplored opportunities, current weaknesses, and threats. These provide an opportunity for the HR department to adopt practices that change the current work environment and make it more desirable (Noe, Hollenbeck, & Gerhart, 2018).

Identify five main reforms that employees would like in the immediate future.

Employees are a critical source of information for this process. As the primary stakeholders, the employees’ opinion is essential to the HR department’s improvement efforts. Failure to seek their opinion could lead to a lack of satisfaction with implemented reforms. The survey offers an opportunity to explore issues that may not be highlighted in the SWOT analysis. It increases the department’s effectiveness in addressing the problems that undermine the workforce’s improvements. These objectives are expected to cumulatively result in a better work environment for Walt Disney’s employees. This result will facilitate a more significant competitive advantage in the market for the company (Adolphus, 2021).


Adolphus, M. (2021). Performance management and human resource development. Emerald Publishing Limited.

Morris, A. (2021). Disney HR Policies – Walt Disney Human Resources Case Study.

Noe, R. A., Hollenbeck, J. R., & Gerhart, B. (2018). Fundamentals of Human Resource Management. McGraw-Hill Education.


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Strategic objectives are a measure of attaining your vision and mission. They reflect the vision, mission, and values of the business, as well as the outcomes of the internal and external environmental analysis.

Regeneration of Walt Disney’s Human resources

Regeneration of Walt Disney’s Human resources

Develop at least three strategic objectives for each of the four balanced scorecard areas.

Below, explain in 350-525 words:

  • Why these objectives are appropriate for the project?
  • Why are these metrics and timelines right for your strategic plan?

Project Metrics for Walt Disney Company

These objectives are in line with the company’s strategy plan and will help them move forward in their industry. Of course, like any other company, there will be some hurdles to overcome. The benefits of a balanced scorecard for any size company are:

  • How it helps the communication of the company strategy with all departments
  • It aligns departments and divisions
  • Allows employee to link their individual goals with the organization’s strategy
Financial Objectives Measures Targets: Timeline/ Metrics
Company Assets Increasing company assets and company growth by 20% List the number of new investments every year
Operating Efficiency Improved operating efficiency Receiving ISO Certified every year
Annual Revenue by growing international sales 10% of Revenue for new shops in Europe Increase international sales by opening shops in other European locations 1 every year for five years
Increase Profitability Increase sales and reduce expenses Run quarterly reports to make sure they are on target
Customer Objectives Measures Targets: Timeline/ Metrics
Increase stakeholder satisfaction Accommodating stakeholder needs Realizing all stakeholder needs
New Customers Attracting even more customers with further attractions/discounts Let’s say 20,000 new customers a year for five years
Customer Loyalty Retaining usual customer loyalty Offering special pricing for season pass holders and special discounts
Improving customer service worldwide Good customer service responses worldwide Achieving good customer reviews up by 5% every six months
Internal Business

Process Objectives

Measures Targets: Timeline/ Metrics
Retaining skillful employees and assets Re-contract the employees that have the skills you need Keeping talented employees within one year decreases money spent on training by 10%
Boosting management Performance appraisal Recognizing employees and rewarding them with Employee of the Month
Administration systems Accountable administration system Administration systems sub-report per week to all departments
Fast employee regeneration Promote within and bring in new employees at entry-level 100 or more new employees per year for different divisions of Disney
Learning and Growth Objectives Measures Targets: Timeline/ Metrics
Sustainable technical aspect Facilitate regular training and opportunities for technical support Help get already employed technician ISO Certified with six months company reimbursement
Increase internal promotions A more significant % of in-house promotions 10% in 2 years
Developing skill and employee productivity Employee skill and productivity Getting job certification within 90 days of employment

40% in two years, 100% in 5 years

Healthy Relationship Strengthen relationship Motivate all employees to keep customers happy +10% in 2 years


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