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Reflection – Patient with Food Insecurity

Reflection – Patient with Food Insecurity

Should Mr. Buxton acknowledge his food insecurity, it would be imperative to substantially modify his treatment plan to tackle this pressing matter effectively. Food insecurity can significantly harm his health, especially given his age and medical conditions, as NIMHD (2023) indicates. In this particular situation, it is crucial to prioritize the provision of a sufficient and nutritionally suitable dietary regimen for him. Are you seeking help on your assignment?

Mr. Buxton should be directed to local resources in Mount Dora, Florida, that specifically address the issue of food insecurity among senior citizens. These programs encompass SNAP, Meals on Wheels, and local food banks. These initiatives can address his immediate food-related concerns by providing him with regular meals and groceries. In addition to addressing Mr. Buxton’s food needs, it is imperative to impart knowledge regarding prudent dietary decision-making, given his financial circumstances and dietary limitations. A registered dietitian can collaborate with him to develop a medically tailored and cost-efficient meal plan that accommodates his specific health conditions, including heart failure and hypertension.

Additionally, it may be imperative to make medication adjustments to address the issue of his food insecurity. It is advisable to substitute medications that necessitate food intake with alternatives that can be consumed regardless of meals. This will help ensure adherence to their medication regimen consistently. Regular monitoring via frequent follow-up appointments with healthcare providers, such as cardiologists and primary care physicians, is imperative for tracking his health status. This enables prompt intervention if his condition worsens due to inadequate access to food.

To optimize the provision of comprehensive support for Mr. Buxton, it is imperative to involve social workers and community organizations, as underscored by Florida State University (2020). Nsisong Asanga (2023) and Tadic et al. (2020) suggest that these resources can aid in accessing food, financial assistance, and other support services, potentially improving overall living conditions. Mount Dora offers a range of community resources to combat food insecurity among its senior population. Local food banks, senior meal delivery programs, government assistance programs, and community-based organizations are essential in providing sustenance and aid to individuals of advanced age, such as Mr. Buxton. By engaging with these resources, a comprehensive approach is taken toward his care, thereby improving his health outcomes and overall quality of life despite the obstacles presented by food insecurity.


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Reflection - Patient with Food Insecurity

Reflection – Patient with Food Insecurity

Reflection: Address the following questions:
How would your treatment plan change if your client admitted to food insecurity? What resources are available in your community that would be useful for senior citizens experiencing food insecurity and dietary restrictions based on medical diagnoses?
Include the following components:
write 150-300 words in a Microsoft Word document demonstrating clinical judgment appropriate to the virtual patient scenario cite at least one relevant scholarly source as defined by program expectations, and communicate with minimal errors in English grammar, spelling, syntax, and punctuation

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