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Reflection-Developing as a Professional

Reflection-Developing as a Professional

This course has been very impactful and educative. I was impressed by the fact that the course practically touched on everything about the teaching profession. The course equally augmented and simplified my teaching journey. I learned much through the course. First, it taught me how to be an effective teacher who motivates all learners to learn. Kauchak & Eggen (2015) remind teachers that motivation is key in instruction, as learners do not like boring lessons. Therefore, the course gave me numerous motivation strategies I can use in the future to motivate my students to learn. These strategies include starting lessons with activities that attract and maintain learners’ attention, personalizing content, and promoting success through open-ended questions.

Most importantly, it taught me survival skills for first-year teachers, such as effective instruction by involving learners in meaningful learning activities. Other strategies include building relationships with learners on a personal level and classroom management, where I must create an orderly classroom setting, as this is the perfect atmosphere for learning. Remarkably, the views I had about teaching at the start of the course were that teaching is always teacher-centered, but this changed in the end as I learned there are numerous approaches, such as the learner-centered.

Surprisingly, I only have the most valuable but not the least valuable pieces from this course because virtually everything was important. The most valuable element was developing as a professional. This same unit and topic had valuable ideas on entering the teaching profession and making myself marketable to potential employers by developing my reputation while still in school. I realized I should participate in class, attend all classes, and turn in assignments on time so my tutor could know me and write me a recommendation when an opportunity arises because they would know me better. I also learned how to prepare a resume and cover letter and how to broaden my professional career by tutoring kids, volunteering, and joining leadership positions. Generally, the course was more than valuable to me.


Kauchak, D., & Eggen, P. (2015). Introduction to Teaching: Becoming a Professional. Pearson.


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Research has proven that engaging in reflection is one of the most powerful ways to improve your practice and grow as a professional. For this final submission, take a few minutes to reflect back on the course of this class. What have you learned? Have any of the views you held at the beginning of this semester changed over the semester? What was the most valuable piece of this course? Least valuable? Giving specific examples and details, submit a 300-word response outlining “What I Have Learned About Becoming a teacher.”

Reflection-Developing as a Professional

Reflection-Developing as a Professional

Points Possible:

15: For your thoughtful and reflective response. Be sure to include a good explanation of what you have learned this semester.

Book: Introduction to Teaching Becoming a Professional by Don Kauchak, Paul Eggen

Book Link: Yuzu Reader: Introduction to Teaching – Chapter 13

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