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Reading Voice and Thinking Voice

Reading Voice and Thinking Voice

Reading comprehension is an invisible process that occurs in the reader’s mind through decoding words and sentences and then finding their meaning. The process involves a reading and thinking voice, which helps students understand the text. The reading voice decodes the text, while the thinking voice interprets the terms used to help the reader find the deeper meaning of the text (“Introduce the Reading Voice & Thinking Voice”). This paper aims to analyze whether it is good to model readers and thinking voice.

Is it an Excellent Strategy to Model Readers and Thinking Voices?

It is an excellent strategy to model readers and thinking voice. Engaging the reader’s thinking voice helps the reader to be intentional about listening to the thinking voice. Evidence from the video suggests that students make mistakes of thinking that by simply saying all the words, they will understand the meaning of the text (“Introduce the Reading Voice & Thinking Voice”). However, this is not the case, and by engaging the two reader voices, the student can recognize that reading and thinking happen consistently to understand the text. Therefore, teachers need to help students learn new comprehension skills and apply them in the content areas of texts.

What I like About it

What I found interesting from the video is that introducing students to the reader’s Voice helps them grasp the content of the text in the form of words, images, and letters (“Introduce the Reading Voice & Thinking Voice”). On the other hand, the thinking voice helps in the process of explaining words and visual meaning. Engaging the two strategies helps students understand that reading and thinking go together. This essential skill would help students succeed in reading comprehension and understanding other areas of study relevant to them.

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Reading Voice and Thinking Voice

Reading Voice and Thinking Voice

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