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Reaction to Phubbing

Reaction to Phubbing

Having grown up in a digital age where everyone around me has a smartphone and access to the internet all the time, it is no surprise that I have regularly experienced phubbing. With numerous digital platforms providing lots of information from entertainment, news updates, music, and chatting with other people, among others, it is expected that people will regularly keep checking their devices. Phones have become like an extension of the human body; therefore, going anywhere without them is almost impossible. As such, people often find themselves scrolling through their phones during meals, while watching movies, or even walking. Because of this, I have had many phubbing experiences both in my interpersonal and impersonal interactions.

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Notably, my reaction to phubbing will depend on the situation. For example, in impersonal interactions, say with a shop attendant, I might find it rude, but it does not affect me as much. Therefore, in impersonal interactions, I would react by calling them out if I needed something from them or simply walking away from the interaction. On the other hand, phubbing during impersonal interactions bothers me a lot, and I react by pointing out to the person that paying attention to their phone instead of me is hurting me. This is especially when what I am saying to them is important to me. Further, I always ensure to take into account why phubbing is taking place. For instance, suppose I was talking to my best friend, who is also waiting to receive some important news. In such a scenario, my friend phubbing me would not hurt me because I understand they have something urgent worrying them. The same applies when I feel that whatever I am talking about is not important. I cannot expect 100% attention all the time from the people around me all the time, which is something I do to them as well.


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Reaction to Phubbing

Reaction to Phubbing

Have you had any experiences with “phubbing?” How are you likely to react when your friend or partner phubs you?

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