Rasmussen University RN to BSN online

RN-BSN Online

You have already achieved a lot of field experience. Your Baccalaureate degree program must acknowledge that. Follow your BSN in a course that enables credit transfer equal to 134 credits—approximately 75% of course needs. In our Rasmussen University RN to BSN online program, you are capable of taking courses online together with personal clinical (we will assist you search for them). On top of our advisors and faculty support, you will also have day and night tech support.

Our Empowered Learning courses RN to BSN CCNE-accredited 3 program online, where you:

  • Get online courses 24/7, from almost everywhere
  • Go faster where possible, and slower where required
  • Study at your convenience while remaining connected with peers and faculty

Plus, take up to 2 MSN courses partly your RN to BSN via the accelerated Master’s degree pathway. Get exceptional skills and get on your Master’s head start at no additional cost in tuition, in the event you conclude to pursue graduate school at a later date.

Online RN-BSN for below $14,500

As an RN, you can learn Rasmussen University RN to BSN online program for as low as $14,190 once you are eligible for our Getting Started Grant to successfully finish 6 self-directed assessments. This Getting Started Grant allows you to save as far as $1,340 in tuition costs for your 1st semester. You will also save equal to $8,220 in case you pursue and pass 6 self-directed assessments. The interactive assessments online are an approach to demonstrate that you’ve already gained the knowledge and skills for a specific course and do not require to pursue it. Dominate your prior experience, and exhibit your schedule skills in your own time. Every successful assessment minimizes money and time.

Getting Started Grant

Save as far as $1,340 to assist you commence our Rasmussen University RN to BSN online and accredited program.

Save as far as $1,340 in fees and tuition with our RN-BSN Getting Started Grant. The grant involves your 1st-course tuition, excluding book fees and technology.

Our Rasmussen University RN to BSN online program is ideal for recently licensed registered nurses seeking to boost their studies and get ready for a leading role. Designed specifically for operating nurses, our RN-BSN program provides:

  • Courses online are available 24/7 and from virtually anywhere
  • Empowered Learning programs online enable you to study by doing real-life projects, control your pace and remain connected with peers and faculty
  • 24-hour tech support, help from tutoring assistance and multiple Faculty if you require it

Contact 888-5-RASMUSSEN or complete the form to get in touch with an admissions officer and have a view of your RN to BSN program savings and discover all Rasmussen University’s benefits for furthering your studies.


What Rasmussen University RN to BSN online classes will you enroll in?

You’ll enroll in your classes mostly online. Clinicals are going to be in-person, and we’ll assist you search for your area options. The following are the various courses you will take online.

1.      Practice Excellence Through Innovation

Learn innovative processes, to progress inventive ideas that will modify healthcare.

2.      Clinical Reasoning & Clinical Judgment

Examine transforming new methods and knowledge into active professional nursing practice processes.

3.      Genetics & Genomics

Create an evidence-based care plan including genomic assessment and focused genetic findings.

4.      Emerging Healthcare Technologies and Innovation

Integrate safety and quality principles with inventive technology. Master how to make informed valid, data-driven decisions depending on technology, ethical social, and legal elements.

5.      Nursing Elective

Select from 3 elective courses including:

    • Integrative Nursing (Holistic Nursing certification needed content)
    • Contemporary Issues in Nursing
    • Scholarly Communication in Nursing

Rasmussen University RN to BSN online Tuition & Savings

Perform Calculations

With 8 start dates per year, eleven-week terms, and 17 courses in total, full-time students may complete in minimum twelve months for just $23,750.11. In case you receive the RN-BSN Getting Started Grant, you’ll finish your bachelor’s degree for just $14,190.12

$335 credit cost
x 70 full credits
$23,450 overall tuition
+ $300 overall fees
$23,750 approximated total cost program
– $9,560 Getting Started Grant potential savings ($1,340) and six rewarding ($8,220) self-directed assessments
$14,190 approximated total cost program with a grant

Other Saving Ways

Getting Started with Your Savings
Boost your studies confidently by saving as far as $1,340 on fees and tuition.

Save on your Tuition if a Rasmussen University Alum
Rasmussen University alumni have a full saving opportunity as far as $3,000.

Advanced education must be a controllable investment. Communicate with an admissions officer or learn more regarding:

  • Military Tuition Assistance
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Financial Assistance
  • Transfer Policy

Rasmussen University RN to BSN online program Requirements

Rasmussen University RN to BSN online applicants should have a recent, unencumbered RN U.S. license.

The program isn’t available to all States residents. Talk to an admissions officer to decide your enrollment eligibility and regarding extra entrance requirements.

Your Path to Nursing Career

With the numerous Rasmussen University Nursing programs, you can finish your course and simply transfer credits at different levels, to save your money and time. Since you are already a registered nurse, our affordable Rasmussen University RN to BSN online program clears your BSN path.

How the RN-BSN Program Differs from Your Associate Degree in Nursing Experience

Becoming an ADN graduate was challenging, but the great news is that our Rasmussen University RN to BSN online program is intended for operating registered nurses. Learn more about the difference in your RN-BSN learning experience;

1.      Enhanced flexibility

With Rasmussen University RN to BSN online program, you will have enhanced flexibility. No more rush hour-long class commutes or trouble parking spots searching on an active campus. You will spend your evenings and days freely with your kids or doing your passionate job. Instead of strict class schedules tying you, you can create your plan of study. Soligny says she made most of the format online.

“Though a single mother, bringing school with her wherever she went was among the coolest things,” she said. “Whether waiting for her son’s orthodontist, a family vacay, or even at the gymnastics practice lobby of her daughter. All she did was start her laptop. Something very inspiring was behind bringing school with her anywhere she went!”

2.      Additional support online

Though you will not be finishing your campus coursework, you will still access support similar to on-campus students, involving Rasmussen librarians’ live chat help, trained student tutors’ access, and a resources host establishing strong study approaches and writing resources.

If you have never been a student online, it might seem terrifying to depend so much on a less-than-familiar approach. Nursing School’s Coordinator of Learning Services, Kristie Keuntjes comprehends but also concludes the earlier you accept it the finer.

Keuntjes says “It will ease your life,”.

Soligny did exactly that at the time she commenced her Rasmussen University RN to BSN online program. Much technology had transformed since she lastly attended campus and she was honestly a little anxious.

She spent the past 3 decades bringing up her 5 children and managing a farming business—computers weren’t her thing. Regardless of the concerns, Soligny suggests a little more patience and instructor support to assist her get comfy navigating a classroom online.

Soligny says “Trust me, if a computer-phobe like this can make it, you also can!”.

What must you learn Before your Enrollment?

1.      Assistance Paying for Campus

You are never alone in comprehending your college payment. Your admissions officer can assist you discover saving ways through loans, self-directed assessments, and scholarships.

2.      Transferring Student

We accept giving recognition where it is due. You will get transfer credits estimate even if you lack an official academic transcript on average a business day. Communicate with an admissions officer today, or investigate our page on Transfer Policy for our logical credit policies anticipated to boost credits, expedite graduation and prospectively save money.

3.      Support all the time

You will find your needed support to advance as a registered nurse from faculty and mentors in this program. Our academic support, career planning, and library services teams are readily available to assist.

Admit to a Distinguished Accredited Learning Institution

(HLC) Higher Learning Commission

The Higher Learning Commission, an agency on institutional accreditation acknowledged by the Department of Education of the US has accredited Rasmussen University.

(CCNE) Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education

The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education has accredited the Rasmussen University RN to BSN online program.

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