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Raising Cain- The Inner Life of American Boys

Raising Cain- The Inner Life of American Boys

According to Kindlon and Thompson, the culture of cruelty is caused by specific weaknesses in the social systems. One of the factors he mentions is the lack of positive father figures in American homes. He has also added that the exclusion of physical education and recess and the fact that the education system gives girls more priority over boys are primary contributing factors (Thompson, 2017). Most importantly, the boys face emotional confusion when growing up without their fathers. I was lucky to grow up in a family where my father was around, so I did not have firsthand experience of the culture of cruelty, even though I witnessed some of my cousins go through life as male children brought up by a single mother (Thompson, 2017). I think this culture exists because of poverty and other challenges that face the family system leading to divorce and separation. There is a parallel culture of cruelty for girls. This similar culture is manifested in how girls are encouraged to be timid, avoid masculine duties, and not show aggressiveness (Thompson, 2017). Therefore, the culture of cruelty of girls is the opposite of that of boys because girls are made to feel tenderer and receive support. The girls are also made to understand that they are vulnerable.

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The isolation of disparate and threatening sort ensnare boys than girls because the documentary shows that boys lack emotional education and support like the girls. The boys are lost in the labyrinth of self because they lack an adult male who can guide and support them (Golding & Fitzgerald, 2017). In this case, the only best way to help them move out of this maze is through getting emotional help from male adults who understand boys’ psychology. Parents can judge meaningful retreats by examining the child’s emotions (Golding & Fitzgerald, 2017). In a significant retreat, there are little or no emotions, while solitude is full of emotions like anger leading to stress.


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Watch this documentary (2 hours long):

Answer the following questions in your ‘mini-paper’
Discuss the factors that, according to Kindlon and Thompson, create the “culture of cruelty.” What do you think? Have you experienced the culture of cruelty yourself, and if so, why do you think this culture of cruelty exists? (Is there a parallel culture of cruelty for girls? If so, how is the culture of cruelty for girls different from the culture of cruelty for boys?) Make sure that your answers include some discussion of the text.

Raising Cain- The Inner Life of American Boys

Raising Cain- The Inner Life of American Boys

Why does isolation, particularly that of a desperate and threatening sort, appear to ensnare more boys than girls? What leaves boys lost in the labyrinth of the self, and what helps them to move through that maze toward others? What can a parent do to distinguish a meaningful retreat to solitude from a harmful, helpless fall into depression?

Use at least ONE source in APA to cite your source. This forum will require ONE SOURCE to give credibility to your writing! If you cite the video, you’ll need to cite that, too!
You must start a thread before you will be able to see others’ postings that are 300+ words. Respond to two others with approximately 150+ words that draw on something they say, maybe find a connection with their writing, or ask some questions based on their writings.

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