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Quality Improvement by  Healthcare Providers

Quality Improvement by  Healthcare Providers

As healthcare providers, it is important to ensure that patients are able to access healthcare regardless of the decision by the payers to reduce access to the services. The main responsibilities of healthcare providers are to ensure that patients are provided with the services they need without considering the type of services that they are allowed to access by the payers. This is helping in reducing the rate of frequent visits with similar symptoms, reduction of death cases, and reduction of hospital stays.

Therefore, for the purposes of ensuring that patients are receiving the required services as well as accessing improved healthcare services, it is important for healthcare providers to create broad healthcare access. This can basically be achieved by looking into ways of being available to the patients whenever they are required to offer services. Some of the strategies which can be used by healthcare providers to be continuously available to the patients are through the assessment on the use of digital communication, arranging for the appointment schedule protocol, assessing the number of providers available in the offices for patient visits, and the assessment of the office hours[ CITATION Ash17 \l 1033 ].

It is possible to offer healthcare services at the community level without these patients coming to the facilities. These approaches can help in the provision of quality healthcare without the knowledge of the payers. This can also help in the reduction of the high number of patients being admitted within the facility, which makes the payers worried about the possible medical cost they are likely to use in the payment of the healthcare services being provided to these in-patients.


Ashwood, J., Mehrotra, A., Cowling, D., & Uscher-Pines, L. (2017). Direct-to-consumer telehealth may increase access to care but does not decrease spending. Health Affairs, 36 (3), 485-491.


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Quality Improvement by  Healthcare Providers

Quality Improvement by Healthcare Providers

How can healthcare providers work to improve quality at the same time that payers are reducing access to services? 250 words

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