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Qi And Prana

Qi And Prana

Qi And Prana

There are many forms and types of medicine. The most widespread type is conventional medicine, which is a type of medicine involving healthcare practitioners such as doctors and nurses. This type of medicine heavily involves symptoms and drugs against other medical procedures. In contrast to conventional medicine, other types of traditional medicine have been applied over time to restore healing. These traditional methods include Ayurveda, Traditional Indian Medicine (TIM), and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), also referred to as Taoist medicine. These types of medicine involve restoring health to the whole individual, including their five bodies of consciousness; these five bodies of consciousness are influenced by qi and prana.

Qi is the free-flowing energy or life force that keeps an individual’s health in balance from influences in their external environment, based on TCM (Eliopoulos, 2018). Consistently, qi influences the state of harmony in the energies of an individual by flowing through meridians and affecting a healthy state. In contrast, according to Ayurveda, prana is the vital energy that flows through the nadis of an individual, influencing their vitality and vital body (Goswami, 2011).

There are evident differences and similarities between qi and prana. The first similarity is that they all define a form of energy. The second similarity entails their significance in maintaining health. Several differences include the source of the terms; qi originates from TCM, while prana originates from TIM. Further, Qi is influenced by yin and yang and the environmental energy, affecting the physical body, while prana affects the vital body (Goswami, 2011). Health implies the balance in these energies, while ailments indicate disharmony; therefore, it is essential to consider these aspects by incorporating various strategies into my health journey. These strategies include meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises, amongst others. Applying these strategies will keep an individual’s energies balanced, maintaining harmony and health.


Eliopoulos, C. (2018). Invitation to holistic health (4th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Goswami, A. (2011). The Quantum Doctor: A Quantum Physicist Explains the Healing Power of Integral Medicine. Hampton Roads.


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In reviewing this week’s content, reflect upon your understanding of the role of qi and prana in balancing one’s health and wellness. Discuss their similarities and differences and how you can apply these concepts to your health journey.

Qi And Prana

Qi And Prana

Journal Requirements:
1) 1.5 – 2 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman
2) Use of textbook, PowerPoints, and Course resources
3) No additional research is necessary – use your knowledge, experience, and resources.
4) Must submit on time; no late submissions will be accepted

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