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Putting It All Together – Who am I?

Putting It All Together – Who am I?

My Snapshot View of Phase 1: Who am I?
My Top 3 Work Values: 1. Accountability
2. Teamwork
3. Integrity
Name 2 career titles that you are most interested in that will allow you to express your values. 1. Administrative services manager
2. Health services manager
My Occupational Code based on Holland Codes: Helping, persuading and organizing
Name 2 career titles that you are most interested in that will allow you to express your interests. 1. Project manager
2. Human resource manager
My Top 5 Character Strengths: 1. Emotional intelligence
2. Honesty
3. Perseverance
4. Fairness
5. Humility
Name 2 career titles you are most interested in that will allow you to utilize your skills. 1. Sales manager
2. Public relations manager
My MBTI 4 Letter Personality Type: ENTJ
Name 2 career titles you are most interested in that fit with your personality type. 1. Social Worker
2. Career coach
Of all the career titles you have explored, would you be interested in researching more in-depth? I would be interested in researching the health services manager career in depth to understand the primary roles of a health services manager and how technology could impact the career in the future.

My additional notes/reflections:

According to Martinez & Shaker (2019), a fulfilling career allows a person to use their full set of critical, analytical, and creative thinking skills to make informed decisions that will impact the person’s life both in the long-term and short term. I believe being a health service manager is a fulfilling career for me because it will help me use my skills and express my personality. Being a health service manager also aligns with my work values because I need to be accountable for my actions and work with the healthcare providers while maintaining integrity. Health service management also requires emotional intelligence to collaborate with professional, medical, and clerical staff. According to Brackett et al. (2019), emotional intelligence is the ability to be aware of, express, and control one’s emotions and to empathetically and effectively handle interpersonal relationships. Therefore, the health service manager career will enable me to work in an environment where I can apply my emotional intelligence to help, persuade, and organize.


Brackett, M., & Elbertson, N. (2019). Emotional intelligence. Character Lab Playbook.

Martinez, G., & Shaker, E. (2019). Career and Life Planning: An Open Educational Resources Publication by College of the Canyons.


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Putting It All Together - Who am I

Putting It All Together – Who am I


 You have actively engaged in the career exploration process: “Who am I?”. Now, it is time to take a snapshot view of your assessment results. Summarize your findings from the different career assessments you have completed in this unit by completing the Putting It All Together worksheet provided.


 Download the Putting It All Together worksheet found with the course assignment and identify the following:

  • Your work values (ONET Interest Profiler in Unit 2 Readings and Resources folder)
  • Your transferable skills (p. 39 of the book)
  • Your character strengths
  • Your personality types (pp. 30-31 of the Humanetrics book link)
  • Your Holland Code

pp. 31-36 in the book also has a good amount of information on the Holland Code and the Humanetrics 4 letter code to help you understand your results

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