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Pursuing Criminal Syndicates

Pursuing Criminal Syndicates

Some of the strategies used to curb organized crime include the prosecution and execution of gang leaders as well as their deportation. The capture of gang leaders is effective but only in the short term. For example, when Luciano was convicted and Buchalter executed, organized crime seemed to end in the US (Milroy, 2010). However, when Luciano was released from prison and deported to Italy, he resumed his drug business. Organized crimes are organized into leadership hierarchies such that if their current leader is captured, they know who takes over the position. Therefore, organized crime can only be eliminated by eliminating the problem from its roots. The counter-strategy of hiring a separate committee of investigation is also effective, but it should be changed from time to time to avoid developing familiarity with grounds of corruption by the gang. Do you need urgent assignment help ? Get in touch with us at


Milroy, A. M. (2010). Law enforcement agencies which respond to nationally significant crime. Dealing with uncertainties in policing serious crime16(1), 191.


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Pursuing Criminal Syndicates

Pursuing Criminal Syndicates

Please respond to the following:

As you have read about organized crime this week, consider the means by which law enforcement agencies have been able to combat these various organizations. Then, choose one type “Pursuing Criminal Syndicates” Please respond
e of criminal organization and provide your opinion on whether the law enforcement strategies being employed have been successful. Justify your response.

Go to the Infoplease website and read the five sections in the article on Organized Crime located at Be prepared to discuss.

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