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Purpose of a Coordination of Care Form

Purpose of a Coordination of Care Form

Care coordination is a process by which a patient’s care activities are intentionally organized and shared amongst healthcare providers or professionals who will be involved in a patient’s care process. Care coordination is done in order to provide the safest and most effective level of care to any given patient. Care coordination also guarantees that patients’ needs and desires are known and communicated to the right healthcare providers in time to give a patient the highest quality of healthcare. To achieve coordinated care, two approaches can be utilized: incorporating specific activities of care coordination like assessing a patient’s needs and aims and using broad approaches like teamwork and providing the patient with the help they require during the transition of care (Care Coordination, 2022). Consistently, in the coordination of care, a coordination care form is filled. This paper seeks to discuss the risks associated with clients’ data leaving the office.

A coordination care form is filled out during the transition of care. Filling out this form allows a patient’s information to be shared amongst the involved healthcare professionals and providers. This means that it allows a healthcare provider to request or provide client treatment information to another healthcare provider. Most importantly, the coordination form has to be the most recently revised document. Subsequently, there have been cases of patients’ data leaving the office, posing risks to the patient and the healthcare facility. Firstly, if a client’s data is exposed, the client may face embarrassment if private or sensitive information is known to the public. Secondly, the hospital or healthcare facility may face lawsuits for breaking patients’ confidentiality. Additionally, the person responsible for letting clients’ data out of the office is at risk of losing their job and license. Lastly, the client and provider relationship is jeopardized by breaking patient confidentiality agreements.

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Explain the purpose of a coordination of care form and when it might be used.

Purpose of a Coordination of Care Form

Purpose of a Coordination of Care Form

What are the risks of letting client data leave the office?

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