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Pulling It All Together

Pulling It All Together

My work has greatly enhanced my aspirations in this course. This course has taught me the need to go beyond having an empathic connection with clients. After reading LaFasto and Larson (2012), I have come to understand the need to try to help people in the best way possible to alleviate their problems and help them become more self-efficient.

My sense of responsibility has heightened, particularly since I realized how much more reliant individuals would be on human services. Research shows that over time, there have been increased cycles of poverty, economic decline, substance abuse, and environmental disasters, resulting in an increased need for human services. Realizing this, I have developed a higher sense of responsibility, knowing that I have a key role to play in helping other people. In particular, my major concern is on individuals with mental health problems, which is another issue that has exacerbated over time, requiring urgent action.

What resonated the most for me in this course is actually the sense of responsibility and the call for action required from human services professional practitioners, particularly those who consider themselves humanitarian leaders. I feel that this profession is a major calling that needs a lot of sacrifice and professionalism to be able to care for clients in the best way possible. Hire our assignment writing services in case your assignment is devastating you.

I am excited that I will be able to make a difference in other people’s lives and help them lead a dignified, safe, and comfortable life. What would be most challenging for me is dealing with compassion fatigue. However, through self-care practices, I believe that I will be able to cope with this challenge.


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LaFasto, F. M. J., & Larson, C. (2012c). A larger life: No gravestone has a job title or salary on it. In The Humanitarian Leader in Each of Us: 7 Choices that Shape a Socially Responsible Life (pp. 129–144). Sage Publications Inc.


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Pulling It All Together

Pulling It All Together

Review your course announcements for possible information related to this week’s Discussion.
Review the Learning Resources this week, recall those throughout the course, and consider their effect on you.
Reflect on your personal assessments throughout the course. Consider how this information enlightened you as you continue your professional journey.
Post an explanation of how your goals or aspirations may have changed. Explain how your work might have enhanced them in this course. Explain the level of your sense of responsibility to help others and what that means to you as you continue your professional journey. Explain what resonated most from engaging in this course and why. What most excites you and/or seems most challenging?

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