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Public Administration Trust

Public Administration Trust

It is always puzzling when I hear the notion that some people dislike government. Inasmuch as we may assume that some leaders are bad or are not doing anything tangible for us, it is imperative to understand that the very government they are dissatisfied with already plays crucial roles (Benach et al., 2010). In this case, it is virtually impossible to begin our days without feeling the tendrils of the government. The very water we drink, the vehicles, bicycles, and even the streets are all a product of the bureaucracy of the government taking place.

Indeed we take them all for granted, yet we need the loftiest service levels. Over time, the role of public administration in society has gradually become overly pervasive to the extent that we speak of administrative state rise (Kettl, 2016). While a section of people has virtually condemned a government’s growth in its grip on power, a more sober perspective is that it is a part of the unavoidable reaction to the escalating complexity of the problems at the social level and the demands of Americans to have these issues solved.

One thing is certain, when trouble will hit, be it a large storm that ravages cities or be it a tornado or even a terrorist attack, the citizens in America all look to their government to protect them. The government preserves law and order for everyone. Essentially, if one wants to live in a place where people do as they please, nobody would ever feel safe.


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Public Administration Trust

Public Administration Trust

You have a friend who has, on several occasions, expressed an extreme dislike for the government. Discuss how you would explain government/public service to your friend who dislikes government.

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